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Letter to the Editor: 3-21-13

March 22, 2013

Dear Editor,

Letter to the Editor: 3-20-13

March 20, 2013

Dear Editor,
I heard on a commercial that an auto maker was going to install a laptop computer in one of their cars. Now what kind of sense does that make when states are making it illegal to talk or text on your cell phone. I guess they think that operation a computer while driving will not distract you like operating a cell phone does. Now I have heard about the dumbest thing lately with this idea. Hey you cannot talk or text but it's ok to operate a computer.
Clif Worsham, Sweetwater

Furloughed or fired, don’t let the press decide

March 19, 2013

So, here we are, a couple of weeks or so into the "sequestration" and basically nothing has happened. I mean other than Obama and the left having used the cover of the sequester to take pot shots at a few groups they don't like (apparently air traffic controllers are unpopular with The Barack). Additionally it seems they have used the opportunity presented by the budget non-cuts to close up or stop some things they must have already wanted to do away with.

Letter to the Editor: 3-14-13

March 14, 2013

Dear Editor,

The sky is falling, again

March 12, 2013

Now that we're a week or so into the apocalypse, or as the media and the left like to call it, sequestration, I miss the United States as it used to be with a smooth running, efficient, people-friendly federal government. I guess now that all those necessary (critical) government services have come to an end what I probably miss the most is how efficiently and fairly the government gathered money from the masses and then used it for the common good (I would make a joke here about the stock market crashing, but the way things are right now, that might really happen).

Things to know before you go!

March 5, 2013

It’s that time again – by this time next week Sweetwater will have trebled in size, and we proudly hold forth with the World’s Largest Rattlesnake Roundup. Newman Park will resemble a tent city, and parking any where near the coliseum is nearly impossible (although downtown will be deserted!). As the vendors offer their wares in the flea market, there are a few things to remember – just to stay out of trouble!

“Dependent” as a second language

February 27, 2013

Having pretty much called The Obama’s last State of the Union Speech (more taxes, more spending, etc.), I have to ask one question. Why is the backslash key so close to the backspace key? Oops, wrong question. I meant to ask, does he just take his previous State of the Union speeches and use a cut and paste method to write the latest one? Does writing a State of the Union speech in the Obama Whitehouse consist of Obama looking over the speechwriter’s shoulder and telling them to “put something in there from a speech where I blamed Republicans (or George W.

The lawyer people still respect

February 19, 2013

Since the inception of the profession, attorneys have tended not to be folks favorite people. Some hypothesize it is because we at times argue for that in which we do not believe, or perhaps it dates to a discomfort with legal systems (a feeling which dates to before the great days of Babylon) and our comfort in that setting. For whatever reason, it is unusual to find an attorney who, 144 years after his death, is still considered one of the most admired people in our nation.

Letter to the Editor: 2-10-13

February 12, 2013

The following is my opinion only and is not intended to change anyone's point of view. What you take away from reading this will be your opinion. Who knows, maybe you will have to ask yourself some tough questions.

Economy contracts, hubris expands

February 5, 2013

Having just seen reports that the American economy was actually shrinking in the last quarter of 2012, I have to wonder about all of the rosy rhetoric we heard from the left after the election and leading up to the recent inauguration. Because facts have turned out to refute that rhetoric, surely we are about to hear a lot of retractions and apologies from politicians on the left. After all, they told us (and were clearly, provably, wrong) everything was looking good and we were actually enjoying an economic recovery.

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