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Obama in Socialist-Land

May 31, 2012

I thought this week instead of commenting on current events, I would take a crack at an upcoming future event. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of current events to discuss; I just know this one is coming and I want to go ahead and get a jump on it.

Memorial Day

May 31, 2012

There will be – and have been – many articles in the press this weekend concerning Memorial Day, and the debt each of us owes the now silent multitude who gave their lives for our nation. Some died earning its freedom, others defending her from other nations, and others defending us from ourselves. Our history is short in comparison to that of other nations, and we have been extremely blessed not to have had many wars fought on our soil. There should be more to honoring the sacrifice of these individuals, however, than simply a day and a few monuments.

Are you somebody?

May 22, 2012

We were all waiting to deplane as word came back that the passenger ramp was blocked by a large press group. They were waiting for someone on our plane!
Everyone, including myself, began to look around for someone famous or important. Maybe a few lookalikes but no one for sure, probably someone from the first class section. As the line began to move, I was glad to be near the front section so that just maybe I would be off the plane in time to see the special person.


May 22, 2012

Graduation is such a special time, not just for those who are leaving high school or college, but also for their parents and families. It is the culmination of years of encouragement, watching, waiting, and praying. Whether proceeding to college or a career, the graduate is embarking on life as an adult.

The hand is quicker than the eye

May 22, 2012

I see that The Barack has been crowned “the first gay president”. I guess it’s only fair, after all, Bill Clinton still seems to think of himself as the first black president. How frustrating it must be for The Barack to be the first black person elected to the office of President, only to find out that the hick husband of his Secretary of State stole some of the thunder for being the first black President.

Full Price

May 17, 2012

"Help yourself" was the response of the clerk as I asked for a single red rose. I needed one to express care and concern for my daughter, who had just come through a difficult weekend.
The roses were a part of the Monday morning floral shipment and were scattered over much of the customer service area. The flowers were standing in five gallon buckets filled with water. Many of the buckets contained roses, yet I could not seem to find the right one.

Going to the dogs!

May 17, 2012

It has not been many years ago that persons thought of “dog shows” as some rare, exotic pastime indulged in by the wealthy folk back east or on the west coast. When I would mention spending my weekends in Dallas, Amarillo or San Antonio showing my pets, few folk had any comprehension of what I was doing. Times have certainly changed, to the point that most people know when Westminster will be televised, the AKC national (December) and the National Dog Show which always follows the Macy’s Parade on Thanksgiving Day.

Exactly who’s “mess” is this?

May 17, 2012

At one of The Barack's latest campaign rallies, he stated part of Romney's agenda was "That we go right back to the policies that created this mess."

The Haircut

May 9, 2012

I have to run. My mother, Mrs. Joy, who was born on July 4, is trying to give me one of her famous Tennessee bowl-over-the-head straight razor haircuts. Let's just call it butchery from back in the Old Country. I can't keep doing this. I can't keep getting haircuts from my mother. I must call my grandfather for help. Mr. Vaughn served this country proudly during two different wars, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. So when I say his word counts, you can take it to the bank. He is retired Army now. On numerous occasions he has had to get onto my mother for doing crazy things.

Mother Obama’s cabinet is pretty bare

May 8, 2012

You know, as much fun as it is to pick on the United States Secret Service for their recent troubles in Columbia, I didn’t really think the organization was in any real trouble. I’ve changed my mind about that though. Evidently Janet Napolitano regards the issues at the Secret Service as being so important that she has had to tear herself away from overseeing the sexual assault of as many airline passengers as possible (through her Transportation Safety Authority, or TSA organ).

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