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Alternative Commuting

May 8, 2012

Every month seems to have its “special” cause, and May is Bike to Work month, a time to celebrate the option (used by many in other parts of the world) in lieu of a motor vehicle. The 9th is “Bike to School Day”, and the 18th official “Bike to Work Day”.
We are fortunate to live in a part of the country with relatively good weather, and in a community that is not known for heavy traffic. While we don’t have much in the way of public transportation, especially out to the other communities, a person in reasonably good health can avoid using a car most days in Sweetwater.

The pain is mine

May 1, 2012

Suffering is part of life. Like most people, I don’t want to suffer. I pray to God to keep me from it, protect my children from it. But that’s not going to happen entirely because God said we would suffer, just like Jesus himself did.

Trying to understand

May 1, 2012

Teenagers have confused adults from time immemorial. When I recall my own youth, I know that I was as confusing and frustrating to my parents as young people in our community are to theirs. The only difference is that we now understand so much more about what makes teenagers tick – not that it excuses some of what is done, but perhaps it helps us understand why the things happen.

Forget gun control, how about “Fifth” control

May 1, 2012

Before I get on with this week’s article, I want to add something I didn’t say last week. When I mentioned some of the times The Obama has inserted himself in situations in pretty much the worst way possible, I neglected to talk about the one time in the past when he did counsel patience, restraint, and a full investigation before assigning motives to anyone.

A new look, an old battle

April 26, 2012

Abortion; is it right or wrong? It's an age-long debate that has divided, not only Americans, but the world in two: pro-life, or pro-choice. Does a fetus deserve the right to life with no questions asked? Or is it the choice of the mother to conceive a child or not conceive a child? In the beginning when this debate came to be, the questions were either for it or against it. Now the debate is so simple. Now the world has stem cell research. With the recent discovery in stem cell research the question is not just are you for it or against it.

Dog days of summer

April 26, 2012

What do our dogs and their names reveal? A lot, about the animal, how we see them and maybe ever a bit about ourselves. Sometimes a dog may live down to a hastily given name such as Puddles or Baby while dogs named Bear or Killer might try to live up to their billing.
Whiskers was a much loved member of our family for many years. He had a bit of Scotty lineage which caused his hair to be bristle-like over much of his body, thus the name Whiskers. People called him Mangy Mutt or even Ugly, but to those that really knew him, he was Super Pooch, Wonder Dog and a worst Magnificent Mutt.

Mum’s the (new) word

April 24, 2012

According to The Barack's spokesman, at least as I last saw him on TV, The Barack is not going to comment on his secret service agents and military personnel in Columbia who seem to have had a bit of difficulty with some Columbian women.

Earth Day, 2012

April 24, 2012

Today is the day formally declared as “Earth Day”, a time designated several years ago as one for the inhabitants of our world, from whatever nation, to contemplate our impact on the globe, environmentally as well as in other ways. Started in the mid 1970’s, at a time when rabid environmentalism and peace marches were the order of the day, Earth Day celebrations have settled down – almost into oblivion,


April 19, 2012

L-O-V-E. We will say sporadic, rapid, consuming at times, violent, disruptive, destructive and costly. In the end, unpredictable, uncontrollable and unconditional, for true love is truly unconditional. It comes without warning and is also recognized at a point in life when it is just too late. You can not take it, nor demand it. It only seemingly offers itself to the blind. As we lay in the promise of our ill-willed and illustrious mistakes, we fail to see that that world continues to turn.

A single parent

April 19, 2012

During the last few weeks of my husband’s life, I can vividly remember me saying to him, “I could never be a single mom.” I had been taking care of the family like a single mom due to his health issues, was feeling the stress and not liking it.
Little did I know that I would soon be a single parent.

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