Staying flexible, or, you never stop learning!

August 25, 2015

As has been written before, the presence of the Legislature in Austin is a signal that those of us involved in applying their musings and decisions to the citizens of Texas are going to have to remember how to flex. The past several sessions, it has seemed that their emphasis is unfocused; rather, they change what they feel like changing based on personal or anecdotal experience, leaving attorneys and judges to manage the fallout. As one pundit quipped, “bring a child with an illness to the legislature and you can change more laws than a hundred soccer moms”.

See y’all next Saturday afternoon

August 18, 2015

J’ever notice? Saturday afternoons sometimes cause us to remember things we used to do and how things were around here. If someone mentions Saturday afternoon or the “picture show”, you might hear, “Remember how everybody used to go to town on Saturday afternoon?” The week’s work was done and we were ready for a little fun and visiting with friends, besides doing our shopping. I think a few people even went to town before noon to get their favorite parking place!

Exactly what are our priorities?

August 11, 2015

I have to ask. Why in the world do I have to know that there used to be a lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe, and not only that, but that he had a brother named Jericho? And by the way, Cecil and Jericho sound an awful lot like English names not something your average Zimbabwean would have come up with. I have to wonder if the native people living in close proximity to a pride of lions might call a lion something else. Something like “the ******* who killed my brother last year”. Just a thought.

Tax free time again!

August 4, 2015

It’s hard to believe that the annual general merchandise Tax Free weekend is nearly upon us. Stores are running ads for “back to school” clothing and equipment, and even those without children to clothe and equip are planning shopping sprees for the coming days. Before racing out to take advantage of these sales, however, it is well worth the time involved to balance the check book, and double check the outstanding bills. Back to School too often is the fore runner of a hot check special, “Back to Court”.

Founding mothers

July 28, 2015

When I listen to the tales of my grandmothers and great grandmother, I am in awe of their accomplishments. No task seemed daunting to them; at least from the stories that have survived through the years, they simply accepted the next chore with certain equanimity, and proceeded with their lives. The book Founding Mothers: The Women who Raised our Nation by Cokie Roberts has reinforced my belief that, while we may call ourselves ”liberated”, the ladies in our history were equally or more so!

Testing my assumptions

July 21, 2015

Where to begin? There’s so many good subjects this week. Should we talk about Jade Helm (not really one of my issues), the pathetically small number that our army is being reduced to, Iran becoming a nuclear state, or something to do with the coming Presidential election? Well with all that available, let’s just start out with the popular modern day term, “lol”.

The different ways we “tawlk”

July 15, 2015

J’ever notice? It seems as if we “tawlk” different out here in the Big Country of West Texas. I know that I lead the pack in the “who talks the worst or best West Texan”. (Best if it’s a contest and worst if you’re from north of the Red River and listening to it.) I know, really know, that when someone from up there or out there calls my office and talks to me they get a mental picture of a guy sitting out on a tall front porch leaning back in a cane bottom chair with his bare feet propped up on a sleeping coon dog and chewing on a wheat straw.

A question of revolution

June 30, 2015

Students of history tell us that something like the American Revolution was bound to happen in the social and political climate of the 1700s. The amazing fact – which we still celebrate – is that it was successful to the extent of creating a world power.

What different people “see”

June 23, 2015

Well, that was certainly interesting. As someone who is seriously “into” how government finances, or doesn’t, various things, especially fixing potholes, I’m always interested in what other people have to say about such subjects. Or at least I’m interested as long as they make some kind of sense. Unfortunately for me, sometimes I have to read through a fair amount of a piece before I can tell which is which. Then again, some of those pieces are pretty interesting, in a train wreck kind of way, because they reveal more about the author than perhaps the author intended - or maybe not.

Penning cattle

June 16, 2015

J’ever notice? If it’s hunting, fishing, or penning wild cows, the first storyteller doesn’t have a chance since everyone within hearing distance will have a better story. This is a reversal of the roles, but since I’m writin’ the writin’, I am going to tell the best one first and then declare me the winner: This old cowboy was showing a young cowboy around the ranch where he had just been hired on. The old cowboy said, “These cattle in this big pasture are real wild. They’re so wild, there’s just three or four in a bunch and in some bunches there’s not any.”

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