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Ready or not, spring is here

March 12, 2011

Ready or not, spring is here. While we almost certainly will have another freeze, and possibly even some snow, for the most part, winter is over, spring is here and plants are either already blooming or soon will be.

A cattle queen ahead of her time

March 12, 2011

During the month of March we celebrate Women’s History Month and the many contributions generations of women have made to the fabric and culture of this great country. Texas has been home to scores of influential, intelligent, colorful and unforgettable females. From Emily West, the Yellow Rose of Texas, to Bessie Coleman, the nation’s first African American female aviator, and down the line to political trailblazers like U.S. Representative Barbara Jordan, U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Texas’ 45th Governor, Ann Richards—Texas is no stranger to powerful and strong women.

Of leprechauns and shamrocks

March 12, 2011

Sweetwater has the reputation of turning red in the fall; Thursday, with the rest of the nation, it is likely to turn green. March 17 has been celebrated as Saint Patrick’s Day for thousands of years; in the relatively recent past, it has become a day of celebration for people whose connection with the Emerald Isle is tenuous at best!

President Obama is home-brewing honey ale beer

March 5, 2011

God bless America, and how’s everybody?
The White House confirmed Wednesday that President Obama is home-brewing honey ale beer in the White House basement. He’s operating a still. Now it’s all over the Internet that Barack Obama is not eligible to be president because he was born in West Virginia.
NFL owners and NFL Players Union talks dragged on Thursday and appeared headed for a lockout. That could end fantasy football leagues. Who’s going to want to play fantasy football on their computers when they’ve got Charlie Sheen streaming live on Twitter?

Federal policies skew house values everywhere

March 5, 2011

Not Seattle! Home prices in the "Queen City" of the Northwest were not supposed to go south. This isn't Miami, Phoenix or Las Vegas, where suntanned speculators built big, borrowed big and went bust with a bang.
Yet just as the bubble markets seem to be settling (though on a still sandy bottom), property owners in formerly confident places like Seattle, Minneapolis and Atlanta are seeing their own late-in-the-downturn downturn.

But - I bought it!

March 5, 2011

It’s about that time again – the time when Sweetwater trebles in size, and we proudly hold forth with the World’s Largest Rattlesnake Roundup. Newman Park will soon resemble a tent city, and in a few days, parking any where near the coliseum will be impossible (although downtown will be deserted!). As the vendors begin to set up for the flea market, there are a few things to remember – just to stay out of trouble!

Room at the top

March 1, 2011

As Lona Parten stared into a sunrise atop the world's tallest freestanding mountain, she reflected upon the darkest year of her life. The last 3,000 feet of her August climb to Mount Kilimanjaro's summit took seven hours, through frigid, pitch-black conditions. Yet she was determined to equal a feat that her sons, 1st Lt. Tyler Parten and 2nd Lt. Daniel Parten, once fulfilled together.
"Come hell or high water, I was going to do it myself," Lona, 48, told The Unknown Soldiers.

Cabling and bracing trees

March 1, 2011

Having just returned from the annual North Central Texas Urban Forestry Conference this last week, I was reminded of the process of cabling and bracing trees. The reason that I was reminded of this type of work is that part of the curriculum of the conference was a class dealing with structurally defective trees and whether or not properly installed cabling and bracing is helpful to those plants.

$27 billion and the trickle down theory

February 26, 2011

By now, it is unlikely that anyone is unaware that the Legislature is trying to overcome a huge deficit as they work on the budget for the next biennium. No doubt there are things in the budget that can be cut without causing too much pain; to make up $27 billion, serious cuts will have to be made.

SEED progressing into the new year

February 26, 2011

As we are two months into another new year, we continue to try to forecast where our community will be in one year or five years or even ten years. We look at where we have been along with where we are, to see if we can predict and lead us into where we want to be. Our diversity continues to be one of the strongest points we have. Our manufacturing base is doing fair, as some are doing well and some are affected by the slow housing starts in the US. Our energy sector has expanded beyond just oil and gas to include renewable and a potential new generation coal plant.

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