ACT scores released for SHS students

The recent scores of Sweetwater High School students who took the ACT test last year have been released, which account for the 63 students that took the test from the Class of 2014.SHS students scored above the state scores in all areas--English, mathematics, reading and science, with the widest margin seen in Mathematics at 1.2% over the state average. Overall, the district's composite score was 21.7, in comparison to the state score of 20.9."We are also excited to announce that Dr. Morris will be putting an emphasis on defining the test (ACT or SAT) best suited for each student," said Sweetwater ISD Superintendent Terry Pittman. "They will be doing some pretesting and diagnostic work to determine the area each student should focus on and then define a program of study for students to better prepare for the test they choose."Students will all have opportunities to take advantage of these preparations at no cost and right on campus at SHS.This, along with Sweetwater being allowed to give the TSI (college entrance tests) on campus at SHS for a very minimal cost, all lead to making the college prep experience very favorable at Sweetwater High School.A Sweetwater High School student can achieve 30+ hours of "real" college instruction on campus at Sweetwater High School. "This is not online or in front of piped in telecast from somewhere else. Unlike other area Dual Credit programs, instruction that Sweetwater High School students receive is real," Pittman continued. "It transfers to any Texas College or University through the common numbering system and it actually fits into all four year degree plans. Many courses offered at other area High School dual credit programs are strictly online and do not actually fit into many degree plans when students enter into Texas Colleges. "The Counselors at Sweetwater High School are very knowledgeable about what students need and what will transfer. They make sure the students' time spent taking courses is worth their time, and not just taking courses to accumulate hours that will not transfer or help them in college."All of the Dual Credit classes taken at Sweetwater ISD are free to the students. "This is a tremendous savings boost for a student to get the quality "live" instruction that they get right on campus at no cost, and know that all of the hours will transfer. Once again, this is very unique to Sweetwater High School to be able to offer all of these services and at no cost."