Adopt-A-Mustang/Mustang Cheerleader begins

It is once again time to sign up for Adopt-A-Mustang/Mustang Cheerleader. Fans have the opportunity to adopt a varsity football player or varsity cheerleader. The cost of the program is $25 and there is no age limit to adopt. Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents — anyone can adopt a Mustang. Fans will receive a picture button of their favorite football player/cheerleader and an Adopt-a-Mustang t-shirt. Students wearing their button and t-shirt will be allowed to sit in the Mustang Corral at the District Game Pep Rallies. Participation in this program is on a first come, first serve basis. All senior football players/cheerleaders on the varsity roster will be adopted first, followed by juniors and sophomores, respectively. All players/cheerleaders will be adopted once before a second adoption is done.Sign-ups start at 5 p.m. sharp on Thursday, Sept. 13, at the old concession stand on the south end of the Mustang Bowl. Those wishing to participate are asked to be prepared to give their name, address, phone number and t-shirt size when they sign up. Bring $25 (checks payable to Mustang Moms) to the Adopt-a-Mustang booth at the bowl. No early requests will be accepted.Adopt-a-Mustang t-shirts and buttons can be picked up during the Freshman and JV games from the Adopt-a-Mustang booth on Thursday, Sept. 27.Adopt-a-Mustang recognition will take place on Friday, Oct. 12, at the Snyder game. All adoptees are to meet the Mustang Moms by the scoreboard at the north end of Mustang bowl at 7 p.m. sharp. Adoptees will line the stairwell going down into the bowl to form a spirit line. Once all players have gone through the spirit line, all children are to be picked up from the scoreboard and return to their seats to cheer on the Mustangs.Adoptees will receive a bio on their adopted player and vice versa. Small gifts of appreciation may be exchanged, i.e. Sonic cards, greeting cards encouraging them, sno-cones, etc. Under UIL rules, varsity players/cheerleaders are not allowed to receive gifts, food, candy, etc. at the football games or school. Cooperation regarding this regulation is appreciated.