Approvals, appointments made at Roscoe city council meeting

The City of Roscoe approved March minutes and bills paid during their April city council meeting to begin their action items.Jesse Gonzales and Roxanna Reyna requested permission from the city to hold a Cinco de Mayo celebration in Roscoe on Saturday, May 4, and the council approved the event with a DJ and live music expected at the event.Roscoe resident Minnie Herrrera asked the city council to consider granting her an extension of time to bring her properties up to code. She was granted a 90-day extension.The city also granted a fireworks permit for the Spring Fling that will take place on Saturday. The fireworks show will be from 9:40-10 p.m. that evening.Two proclamations were approved by the city, declaring April as Fair Housing Month. Two resolutions were also approved establishing a Section 3 policy for the Home Program from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.The Roscoe city council also made two appointments at their April meeting. Christi Pepper Beal was appointed as the equal opportunity/fair housing officer and Travis Williams was appointed as the new Type B Tax Board member.The city administrator gave an update on things going on around Roscoe. Work is progressing on the parking lot on Broadway. The lot and alley way will be seal coated in May. Also, a few trees were planted on Broadway, two in the parking lot area and one on West Broadway to replace a dead tree. Work on the north side lift station is progressing on track and should be finished by the end of April or the first week of May, according to the city administrator.A notice of bids being accepted went out for the City of Roscoe water distribution improvements and water treatment plant. Bids open on May 7 and will be awarded on May 14.The city administrator talked about improvements to the Roscoe city pool, being done by G&D Pool & Spa in Weatherford. The work is expected to be completed by mid-to-late May.