Area track results

April 3, 2014

Varsity Boys
70 points (5th place)
100 β€” Johnathan Browning 2nd (10.96)
800 β€” Mark Lawrence 2nd (2:08.19)
400 relay β€” 2nd (44.08 β€” Mar-quees Jenkins, De’andre Gatson, Johnathan Browning, Isaiah McGee)
800 relay β€” 2nd (1:32.89 β€” same 4 runners)
High jump β€” Deshaun Williams 5th (5-10); Johnathan Browning 6th (5-10)
Long jump β€” Isaiah McGee 2nd (20-11); Johnathan Browning 3rd (19-9)
Triple jump β€” De’andre Gatson 4th (40-7)
Discus β€” Kaegan Jeffrey 6th (114-11 /2)
Varsity Girls
100 β€” Nisha Williams 2nd (12.76); Davina Walker 4th
200 β€” Nisha Williams 2nd (27.88); Davina Walker 4th (27.99); Abby Garcia 5th (28.00)
100 hurdles β€” Lauren Jones 4th (18.16)
1600 relay β€” 6th (4:41 β€” Mickenzie Brownlow, Danielle Vega, Abby Garcia, Marissa Sanchez)
Long jump β€” Abby Garcia 6th (15-1)
High jump β€” Abby Garcia 6th (4-8)
Shot put β€” Cierra Knox 5th (32-7 1/2)
Junior Varsity Boys
170 points (1st place)
100 β€” Hunter Mobley 2nd (11.70); Jacoby Hunt 4th (11.88)
200 β€” Michael Green 2nd (24.36)
400 β€” Hunter Mobley 1st (55.50)
800 β€” Keegan Von Atzigen 2nd (2:25.93)
1600 β€” Brandon Gutierrez 3rd (5:28.46); Michael Garcia 5th (5:46.05)
3200 β€” Gutierrez 3rd (12:26.68); Garcia 5th (13:42.20)
110 hurdles β€” Colby Greenwood 1st (17.60)
300 hurdles β€” Colby Greenwood 2nd (46.19)
400 relay β€” 1st (46.20 β€” Max Gomez, Michael Lawrence, Jacoby Hunt, Michael Green)
800 relay β€” 1st (1:37.77 β€” same 4 runners)
1600 relay β€” 2nd (3:50.42 β€” Max Gomez, Mark Lawrence, Colby Green-wood, Hunter Mobley)
High jump β€” Michael Green 1st (5-8)
Long jump β€” Jacoby Hunt 1st (18-5 1/4); Michael Lawrence 2nd (18-4)
Triple jump β€” Max Gomez 2nd (36-1 3/4)
Discus β€” Gabriel Salazar 3rd (111-3 1/2)
(Blackwell results)
Varsity Boys
78 points (3rd place)
100 β€” Jayden Jones 1st (10.87)
200 β€” Jayden Jones 4th (23.06)
400 β€” Bob Davis 5th (57.28)
110 hurdles β€” Matt Lowry 1st (16.29)
300 hurdles β€” Mason Magness 2nd (43.78); Matt Lowry 54th (46.06)
400 relay β€” 4th (46.06 β€” Mason Magness, Jayden Jones, Ted Cham-bliss, Bob Davis)
Long jump β€” Mason Magness 2nd (21-7 1/2)
Triple jump β€” Mason Magness 3rd (41-1)
High jump β€” Matt Lowry 1st (6-0)
Pole vault β€” Jayden Jones 1st (13-0)
Varsity Girls
25 points (8th place)
100 hurdles β€” Halee Sanderson 4th (18.78); Bailey McGlothlin 6th (19.64)
300 hurdles β€” Abbigail Sorrells 3rd (53.65)
400 relay β€” 5th (57.25 β€” Krista Clower, Crystal Chavez, Abbigail Sorrells, Halee Sanderson)
800 relay β€” 4th (2:03.28 β€” Abbigail Sorrells, Crystal Chavez, Shianne Solis, Karleigh Coldiron)
Triple jump β€” Hailey Bennett 5th (30-5 1/2)
(Highland, Roscoe)
Varsity Boys
400 β€” Kevin Lavalais, Roscoe, 1st (54.04)
800 β€” Brayden Moore, Roscoe, 3rd (2:17.86)
1600 β€” Jesus Leanos, Roscoe, 2nd (5:12.42); Javier Leanos, Roscoe, 4th (5:23.14)
3200 β€” Jesus Leanos, Roscoe, 2nd (11:01.13); Javier Leanos, Roscoe, 4th (11:46.19)
110 hurdles β€” Jacob Richburg, Highland, 6th (18.36)
300 hurdles β€” Max Nemir, Roscoe, 3rd (45.08); Jacob Richburg, Highland, 4th (45.16); Dillon Free-man, Roscoe, 6th (45.38)
800 relay β€” Roscoe 6th (1:39.57 β€” Rafael Aguayo, Shelton Toliver, Javier Leanos, Jesus Leanos)
1600 relay β€” Roscoe 1st (3:39.03 β€” Max Nemir, Kevin Lavalais, Bray-den Moore, Shelton Toliver)
Pole vault β€” Michael Hyde, High-land, 1st (12-0)
Varsity Girls
400 β€” Eva Aguayo, Roscoe, 2nd (1:04.85); Lyndi Wilkinson, Roscoe, 4th (1:05.42); Sierra Allen, Highland, 5th (1:06.27)
800 β€” Danielle Dean, Roscoe, 6th (2:50.13)
1600 β€” Alejandra Solis, Roscoe, 2nd (6:18.43); Madison Moseley, Highland, 6th (6:23.98)
3200 β€” Alejandra Solis, Roscoe, 4th (13:54.18)
100 hurdles β€” Beth Richburg, Highland, 1st (16.06); Olivia Saddler, Roscoe, 2nd (16.95); Hannah Allen, Highland, 4th (17.50)
300 hurdles β€” Hannah Allen, Highland, 1st (50.11); Beth Richburg, Highland, 2nd (50.18)
400 relay β€” Roscoe 4th (53.81 β€” Whitney Williams, Lyndi Wilkinson, Olivia Saddler, Eva Aguayo)
800 relay β€” Highland 4th (1:58.09 β€” Madison Moseley, Sabrina Rom-ero, Sydny Helbert, Kailee Hall)
1600 relay β€” Highland 1st (4:21.84 β€” Hannah Allen, Madison Moseley, Beth Richburg, Sierra Allen); Roscoe 3rd (4:30.46 β€” Whitney Williams, Lyndi Wilkinson, Olivia Saddler, Eva Aguayo)
Long jump β€” Lyndi Wilkinson, Roscoe, 6th (14-0 1/2)
Discus β€” Beth Richburg, High-land, 4th (79-11)

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