Bid awarded for waterline relocation project

A bid was awarded for the Union Pacific Railroad right of way waterline and relocation project at Tuesday's City Commission meeting.John Voller of Enprotec/Hibbs and Todd opened the five bids, which were then reviewed by city staff. The five submitted bids included a total base bid along with three alternate bids.Prices for the base bid ranged from around $521,000 to $908,000, with the three alternate bids ranging from around $12,000 to $428,000. The three alternate bids would allow for a replacement of the remaining six-inch line, the option of no replacement, or the removal of the 12-inch line, respectively.The water lines are located along Broadway, beginning at the east entrance of the city and ending approximately at Jerry Huffman Drive. The six-inch water line is on the north side and the 12-inch water line is on the south side.After the review, Voller came back and discussed the matter with the commission. The initial low bidder, after talking with their company representatives, ended up withdrawing their bid.Whitewater Construction submitted the next lowest bid, in which city staff determined that they would accept the company's total base bid and the first and third alternate bids to the company. Thus, the six-inch line would be replaced and the 12-inch line would be removed. Whitewater's base bid came in at $568,050, with the first alternate bid at $308,865 and the third alternate bid standing at $122,112. The overall amount, equaling $992,027, comes in barely under the $1 million mark that the city was expecting to spend on the project.