Camp winners

Several individuals re-ceived awards at the con-clusion of the two volley-ball camps that were held this past week at Sweet-water Middle School.The awards were pre-sented by camp coaches Carla Lambert, Sandra Graham and Jill Locklar. Winners are as follows:Grades 3-6Afternoon CampTop server — Elli LehnertTop passer — Mia ValdezSelf bump champion — Amber KnoxSelf bump game winner — Madison MimsShagger girls — Hannah Mobley, Megan Kirkland, Michiah RoyalMighty Lady Mustang — Faith SantiagoPerfect Form Award — Kara LehnertTop hitters — Julia Rees and Riley DoddTop setter — Marissa VillanuevaGrades 7-8Morning CampTop setter award — Sonora MedellinTop hitters — Kensi Chowning, Maddie BerryTop 7th grade server — Sonora MedellinTop 8th grade server — Annaliese EspinozaSelf bump award — Christa Martin