Chamber welcomes Rockin' S Cantina

The City of Roscoe and the Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce recently welcomed Rockin’ S Cantina to Roscoe with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Shown are (in no particular order) Jacque McCoy, Kay Aiken, Vickie Haynes, Delma Boston, Travis Williams, Nicole Neff, Robert McBride, Don King, Russ Petty, Brenda Stirl, Gay Nell Cherry, Jason Jones, Shayna Barker, Liz Howard, Jessica Kelly, Tarrah Stewart, Jason Stewart, Vicki Bowen, Pam Willman, Diddy Fields, Marty Foust, Mike Fernandez, Gil Cherry, Judy Suggs, Inez Stewart, Becky Wailor, Herbert Williams, Pete Porter, Aida Pantoja, Bryan Studdard, Gayle Greer, Nicholas Anthony, Clayton Parker, Helen Perry, Lita McEachern, Donna Parker, Jay Suggs and Danny Baize.