City Commission: Officer ‘went above and beyond call of duty’

It's been a busy week for the Sweetwater City Commission. During a regular session Tuesday, police officer Daniel Olds was commended for "going above and beyond the normal call of duty" for his role in attempting to save the life of a critical patient the fire department was called to assist.The scene at rescue situations such as the one Olds responded to can often be chaotic, but on the day of June 27, Sweetwater's emergency services were stretched particularly thin, according to fire chief Grant Madden.Olds responded to the scene about the same time as EMTs and proceeded to help medical personnel by administering CPR to the patient."Officer Olds assisted my department by carrying equipment. He helped with CPR, ensuring the compressions continued," Madden said. "He really made a difference in the care of the patient. Unfortunately, it didn't affect the outcome, but he jumped right in there and he did a great job."Madden said that typically, police officers handle their portion of the job such as crowd control and directing traffic. On June 27, several emergency calls came in at once, including calls related to the standoff which ended with the tragic death of Michael Berry, the Sweetwater man who was shot and killed by police officers after refusing to surrender during a felony theft investigation.Officer Olds was unavailable for comment.In addition to Olds' commendation, public hearings have been slated regarding several matters.The proposed 2014-2015 budget and tax rates are being mulled, but neither action can be finalized until public hearings are held. The commission voted to set the hearing for the budget proposal on Sept. 9. The proposed tax rate of $.48 per $100 valuation requires two public hearings, with the first taking place Sept. 9 and the second set for Sept. 16. In addition to Tuesday's forum, a second public hearing will be held regarding the proposed annexation of approximately 577 acres along the northern edge of the current boundaries of the city.Two residents spoke at Tuesday's hearing, expressing concerns about current and future water and sewage infrastructure and how it will be reconfigured should the land be annexed.City officials set the second public hearing on the matter for Thursday at 9 a.m.