City ordinance for RV parks in the works

While no action was taken during Tuesday's city commission meeting, discussion was held on the criteria for a proposed RV (recreational vehicle) park ordinance.A third rendition of the ordinance draft was discussed, which defines what classifies as an RV park, what an RV is and what amenities must be placed inside an RV park. Various other specifications were also noted, including individual utilities and hook-ups per vehicle.A park would have 24 spaces, which would cover about half a city block. Should more spaces be implemented, the installation of amenities like laundromats and showers would be required.A concern raised during the discussion was that, in the instance of a growing RV park, owners should not be subjected to becoming establishers of amenities like a laundromat. However, the city stated that companies with larger parks usually already have these facilities and much more, including recreational centers.However, as the number of spaces increase, the park could begin to venture into the territory of being classified as a crew camp. By establishing and passing an ordinance with organization, the city would have a set of rules which would need to be followed.Existing parks would need to be in compliance with the future ordinance as well. And in the instance that the city wanted to begin discussions with the county on ETJ (extraterrestrial jurisdiction) — which allows a government the ability to exercise authority beyond its boundaries, legal counsel would be sought prior to any type of action.The city has discussed this issue at previous meetings as part of their preparation for the incoming activity from the Cline Shale oil development. Plans are in place to bring a formal ordinance regarding RV parks to the commission at their regular April meeting.