City votes on tax rate

The vote on the city's tax rate for the 2012 Tax Year was held at a brief Sweetwater City Commissioners' meeting on Tuesday morning, August 28, 2012 at City Hall.The commission approved the ordinance fixing and levying the rate of $.463 per $100 valuation, under the motion stating "that the property tax rate be increased by the adoption of a tax rate of $.463000, which is effectively a 15.41 percent increase in the tax rate."A record vote was also taken of the attending commission members, in which they were in unanimous approval.Two public hearings were held on the issue leading up to Tuesday's meeting. During the first public hearing on Tuesday morning, August 14, City Manager Eddie Brown noted that this new tax rate is actually lower than the current rate of 48 cents; the rate change came as a result of appraisal district values.