Connie Broadwell Jamison encourages community to vote

The District Clerk serves in a management capacity and oversees and is responsible for filed official court records by the deputy district clerks to insure the accurate processing of those records. The District Clerk’s office processes passports, collects fees and fines for criminal cases, collects fees for various documents filed of record with the office, collects fees for delinquent property tax cases, participates in the jury selection process for trial cases, is responsible for the budget of the office and has many other managerial responsibilities. The District Clerk is also responsible for filing and processing of official court records and supervision of the deputy district clerks in the office.The District Clerk’s office will soon have significant changes mandated by the State of Texas for the timely e-filing which will require implementation and changes in the status quo of the office. These changes are necessary to modernize the District Clerk’s office and follow the guidelines set by the State of Texas. "Change is not always easy but necessary for the District Clerk’s office in order to meet Texas mandates. A skilled and knowledgeable District Clerk can accomplish these changes and improve the function of the office," said Connie Broadwell Jamison."Thanks to the Nolan County citizens I am in the runoff election for the Republican Candidate for District Clerk. I am the only candidate who worked as a Deputy District Clerk filing and processing official court records for civil, criminal and delinquent tax cases for the 32nd Judicial District Court and the County Court at Law for the citizens, attorneys and judges of Nolan County. I have over 18 years experience as a legal and accounting secretary/assistant which will be beneficial as District Clerk."Jamison continued, "The citizens of Nolan County deserve high quality qualifications, integrity, commitment, dedication and efficiency from their elected officials with the desire to serve the citizens of Nolan County in a welcoming and friendly environment." She also encouraged citizens to vote saying, "Your vote counts and will make a difference. If you are a registered voter but did not vote in the March 4 Primary election, you can vote in the runoff election. If you voted on the Republican ballot in the Primary election, you can vote in the runoff election." The runoff election is Tuesday, May 27 at designated precincts."We can build our future together and I look forward to the challenges facing the District Clerk’s office and I would appreciate your vote on May 27 to elect me, Connie Jamison, your Republican Candidate for District Clerk for the November general election."