County Commissioners meet with architects

County Commissioners held a meeting on Monday afternoon with representatives of Turner Construction and Wiginton Hooker Jeffry Architects (WHJ) to discuss the continuing construction on the Nolan County Courthouse and new jail/Sheriff's office.To date, there have been no worker incidents during the construction on the courthouse facade. CMU to Strut clips have been installed on the east side of the courthouse with delivery expected for more to be installed around the windows. Some modification to the clips was in order and it was decided that longer clips were needed at the C Channel transfer. Insulation of the base throughwall was completed on the east and northeast sides, and is continuing around to the northwest stair bumpout. It was also noted that roughly 10 small slabs of granite from the planter boxes was recovered and is ready for pick up.It was confirmed that a silicone based, sandstone colored stone sealant will be used between the cut stone that will be used on the courthouse facade, which should be delivered some time this week. Commissioner Terry Locklar asked how long the sealant would last. Don Olson of WHJ said that it will last 20 years, and the sealant was recommended as the best product on the market. In regards to the third floor modifications, the Turner construction representative said they were looking for a way to avoid coming into the building at all so that people working in those upstairs offices do not have to be moved.The west side stairs leading to the Sheriff's office should be completed this week as well. The stairs will continue to be blocked off from pedestrian traffic to ensure the concrete cures completely.Sergio Balderas with Turner Construction gave a preliminary schedule for the new jail and Sheriff's office. He stated that Stanley Morris Engineering was contacted for inspection, as well as SKG for a phase 1 environmental assessment. Research is done through county and state records to make sure there is no contamination from anything previously done on the site. Balderas went on to say that no city permits are required for construction to begin, but Fire Marshal Richard Spradlin was contacted for fire alarm and sprinkler inspection, when the time comes. An earthwork contractor will be out on-site next week to set up construction boundaries and a driveway. Oncor has also been contacted and will be on-site this week to set up temporary power for a job trailer and all electrical equipment. Balderas mentioned that he is hoping to have a mobile modular construction office (job trailer) delivered on-site by Oct. 2. Don Olson of WHJ went on to say that Atmos Energy has been contacted about gas lines and whether or not the new facility will be able to use the existing lines or if new lines need to be installed. According to their survey, Atmos proposed a new gas line be installed as the two existing lines would need to be pressure tested - a test that would be quite expensive. Olson also went over the budget sheet with the commissioners and Nolan County Sheriff David Warren. He pointed out that certain items (furniture, kitchen small items, jail bed mattresses, etc.) are outside of the GMP (guaranteed maximum price) - that they are not part of the construction costs, but part of the project costs. Balderas and Olson finished the meeting with the commissioners by discussing future progress meetings and when they should be set. County commissioners meet on the second and fourth Monday of the month, and it was generally agreed that progress meetings could take place at the same time. Balderas suggested the possibility of on-site meetings every two weeks to allow the commissioners to walk through the construction site and ask questions of the progress they see.