County-wide burn ban still in effect

In light of the lack of precipitation and grass fires in the county and surrounding areas, the Nolan County Commissioners approved to leave the burn ban in effect during their meeting on Monday morning. Also during the meeting, approval was given to replace page 2.021 of the Nolan County employees' shared sick leave pool. Some discussion was also held in considering whether each request to use sick pool time should go before the sick pool committee.The new method would have the employee's administrator submit a request to the committee, in which they would have to meet within five working days and consider whether the illness could be termed as "catastrophic", and the committee's decision would be deemed as final.Precinct 4 Commissioner Tony Lara stated that he wanted to leave the previous method in place, as the administrator is capable of making a decision and initial committee involvement defeats the purpose of the administrator. In the instance that decision could not be made by the administrator, then the committee would become involved.Terry Locklar, commissioner for Precinct 2, asked if "catastrophic" could be defined, but County Attorney Lisa Peterson noted that the determinations were done case-by-case, so any kind of checklist could not be made. And as the committee changes on a yearly basis, the definition of "catastrophic" could change as well.A motion was then made to leave the current system in place with no changes, which was then approved by the commissioners.In addition, the minutes from the April 14 and 22 meetings were approved, and reports were received from the Nolan County Coliseum board and Government Trapper.