East Ridge Elementary students give campus report at SISD board meeting

A campus report from East Ridge Elementary was given during the March meeting of the Sweetwater ISD Board of Trustees. Several second and third graders joined principal Vicki Mayberry to inform board members about the programs that are taking place on campus. Students are learning how to play chess, in which the different game pieces were explained and the chess move "knight's corral" was demonstrated. In addition, "The Zone" allows students to work on their math and reading skills by reading aloud and answering questions thirty minutes a day.The program includes 24 second graders and 48 third graders. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are devoted to reading, while Tuesday and Thursday concentrate on math.Students who demonstrate good character and grades are chosen to participate in the East Ridge Student Council. Their duties include welcoming guests on campus and coming up with incentives and awards such as a private lunch with the principal, purchasing items at the Mustang Mall, and iPad use.Additionally, iPads are being used to integrate technology on campus, and a student-made video was shown at the meeting. The iPads are used in the classroom as well as to produce morning announcement videos.