Fire department gives entrance exam

Several applicants recently took the entrance exam for a place at the Sweetwater Fire Department. According to Sweetwater Fire Chief Grant Madden, 11 applicants took the written exam and nine passed the test to go on to the physical agility test the next day. Those taking the physical agility test had to perform many tasks in gear including a stair climb with a trauma box and a back board; climbing out of a three story window, down a ladder, back up the ladder and back through the window; equipment raise, lifting a hose and nozzle from a three story window; a 90 foot hose drag with a pressurized hose; a 24 foot extension ladder raise; a simulated pike pole pull, a sledgehammer drive, a smokehouse crawl through with a completely covered face mask; carrying the jaws of life 100 feet; and coupling and uncoupling a fire hose. Those testing also had to climb a 75-foot ladder. Paramedics tested their fine motor skills after the physical exertion. Eight applicants passed the physical agility test and all went on to pass the oral review board. The only thing left after that is having an opening to fill at the fire department and the final interview with Chief Madden. Those who passed all parts of the exam were Zachary Williams, Matthew Buckley, Chad Worth, Charles Wheeler, Andre Patino, Steven Steele, David Brackett and Seth Thompson.