Help fix Freddie the Fire Truck

East Ridge Elementary School is currently holding their annual penny drive. This year's proceeds will help fix the Sweetwater Fire Department's Freddie the Fire Truck. "Freddie broke last year and hasn't been safe to use since. It is a significant amount of funding that is needed to fix him or possibly replace him," said Crystal Rea, Second Vice President of East Ridge PTO. "We thought this would be a great fundraiser this year since Freddie is such a great asset to the community in teaching children fire safety."Freddie the Fire Truck is an exciting tool for teaching fire safety. A fully animated fire truck robot, Freddie moves, speaks, listens, plays audiocassette tapes and sounds his siren, all by remote control. He can wink, blink and move his eyes and with his smiling mouth he presents a positive and friendly image to young and old alike. He can be used with great success in school classrooms, assemblies, station tours, shopping mall exhibits, state and local fairs and any other setting where a program is represented. He’s just the right size for teaching children. He can communicate with them at their eye level and when he moves he’s not at all threatening. He’s perfect for hugs and kisses from small friends. He’s agile enough to maneuver easily in school classrooms and other restricted areas. With his headlights, taillights and flashing warning lights he is highly visible.Freddie is available to visit any pre-school, kindergarten or elementary building within the county.Those wishing to make a donation outside of the East Ridge penny drive may do so by sending a donation to East Ridge PTO, Attn: Freddie the Fire Truck, 1700 E. 12th Street, Sweetwater, Texas 79556. The deadline for donations for this event is Friday, March 25. The cost to repair Freddie is over $4,000 so all donations will make a difference in bringing Freddie back to life.