Hospital board approves new wrist bands, policy

The Nolan County Hospital District Board of Directors met on Monday night at the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH), in which they approved a policy regarding the new condition alert wrist bands.According to state requirements, hospitals must have three different color-coded wristbands that alert medical staff on a patient's allergies, fall risk and their desire to not be resuscitated. The hospital will also be adding two additional bracelets that will alert medical staff on latex allergies and restricted extremities.Because of the colored bands, patients will be asked to remove any type of personal and/or social cause bracelets, as to not confuse medical staff on the type of care that must be provided. Patients will have the option to refuse the removal of their personal bracelets; should patients exercise that option, they will be informed of their rights.Following the approval, it was noted that all hospital staff will be informed of the new changes.The board also approved to call the 2013 election, as four of the board members are up for re-election. In addition, Kirby Andrews was elected to serve as the vice-chairperson of the board, filling the role vacated by former board member Wayne Chowning.In finance-related items, approval was given toward the purchase of a screw removal system. The set of specialized orthopedic screwdrivers and other equipment is used on bone fractures and for setting bones and will come in at the cost of around $4,300.Also approved were the December 2012 financial statements, which were reviewed from an overall standpoint as well as a breakdown from each department. Other items approved for the month of December of last year were the accounts payable and the bad debt write-off list.Furthermore, approval was given on the quarterly analysis reports for the reserve fund as well as the physical therapy fund, both of which were reviewed. The investment strategy statements for both of the funds--which is looked at on an annual basis--were also reviewed and approved as well.Following a fifteen-minute executive session, the board additionally approved the quality report, the third quarter PI report, the 2013 national patient safety goals, and the RPMH home health agency evaluation. The minutes from the previous meetings were approved as well.