Hospital issues immunization season reminder for families

Tens of thousands of individuals across the U.S. die each year as a result of illnesses preventable through widely available vaccinations. As National Immunization Awareness Month is celebrated during August, Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH) is urging parents and guardians to ensure children — and the entire family for that matter — are up-to-date with important immunizations before the popular back-to-school rush. “Throughout our lives, our immune systems and overall health are strengthened with a series of vital vaccinations — especially during childhood,” said Dr. Jennifer Liedtke, a family physician at RPMH. “Immunizations are critical to our community’s health to prevent serious and deadly outbreaks. This is especially important for children, who are often most vulnerable and since schools are often where illnesses are easily spread.”Keeping an up-to-date immunization schedule keeps you healthy and can reduce medical expenses by preventing illnesses that cause people to miss school and work. State law requires that public school and child-care facilities enforce vaccine requirements as a way to protect the public from preventable diseases.“Vaccinations are usually administered to individuals based on variables such as age and immunization history,” Dr. Liedtke explained.As the new school year approaches, hospital officials urge parents and guardians to review their children’s immunization history with a family physician. Those who wish to find out more about vaccinations can call 325-235-1701, ext 303. Most physicians accept Medicaid and many private insurances.Patients who have not visited the doctor’s office in a while or for the first time will need to arrive approximately 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment to provide ample time to complete paperwork.To view a list of the recommended vaccinations by age by as recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you may visit Plains Memorial Hospital provides healthcare for those in the communities they serve. Founded in 1976, Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital offers a wealth of medical services including: 24-hour emergency care, advanced radiology services including CT scanning and MRIs, outpatient lab, physical therapy, surgical services, swing bed services, patient education, home health and assistive services, sleep studies, cardiac rehabilitation and wellness center, and more. For additional information, please visit