Infigen Energy makes another donation for 69 Ranch’s Kids On the Land Program

Peggy Maddox, Executive Director of Kids On the Land Program and Katherine Dickson of 69 Ranch, recently visited Michael Jimenez of Infigen Energy to accept a donation to support the Kids On the Land program at the Dickson Family 69 Ranch at Maryneal, Texas. Infigen Energy, a renewable energy business specialist, operates Sweetwater Wind Farm 4 and 5. The company believes community relationships are very important. They actively support local communities and schools. This donation will support Kids On the Land days in September for Roscoe, Highland and Blackwell fourth and fifth grades. “Kids On the Land, Inc. is 501C(3) Texas non-profit. It is unique among environmental programs because it is designed to teach children about their place where they live, using the property of local land stewards,” stated Peggy Maddox, and “since children have an innate need to be in nature and nature needs a new generation who are reconnected to the land to take us to a more sustainable future, we hope to see the program continue to evolve as it adapts to meet new environments.” The program has educated children about their local environment at various ranches across Texas since 2003 and over 2,800 students have participated in the program. To learn more about this program, visit their website