Jamison encourages community to vote

Connie Broadwell Jamison is a candidate for Nolan County District Clerk.Sweetwater is her hometown and she is a graduate of Sweetwater High School and Columbia Secretarial College. She is the daughter of R.E. and Charlie Broadwell, and she has two sisters, Patricia "Treet" Broadwell and Deb Veal; one brother, Richard Broadwell; one sister-in-law, Vicki Broadwell; and one brother-in-law, David Veal."I am the only candidate running for District Clerk that has three years actual experience in the District Clerk office as Deputy District Clerk. I filed and maintained official court records, collected fees and fines and I worked for and with Nolan County citizens, attorneys and judges. I have over 35 years experience in banking, accounting and the legal field.""The District Clerk's office is facing significant changes mandated by the State of Texas and I am familiar with e-filing and the other technological changes that will be required.""You have a choice in the Primary election on March 4 to elect the Republican candidate for District Clerk. You can vote for me even if you are a lifetime Democrat. Just ask for the Republican ballot.""I am asking you to vote for experience, integrity, commitment and high qualifications and elect me the Republican candidate for the November general election. I appreciate your support and your vote."