Kiwanis helps raise over $3K for children

During the local Kiwanis Club meeting held on Wednesday, September 5 at Bee's Lunch Bucket, the group discussed their most recent project while looking ahead to their most popular fundraiser.At the 2012 Sammy Baugh Classic held at Mustang Bowl, the Kiwanis Club joined forces with Sweetwater ISD (Independent School District), the Sammy Baugh Classic Organizing Committee--a branch of the Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce and the Children's Miracle Network, in order to raise money for children receiving medical care at Hendrick Medical Center's new Children's Hospital.Incoming Kiwanis Club president Mitch Moore introduced his nephew to the crowd of football fans during three games at the Classic--six year old Zachary Hollis, who has cerebral palsy and a heart murmur--to help educate the public about the needs of children who require special medical treatment. Hollis is just one of a multitude of children around the area who are assisted by the Hendrick Children's Hospital.The Sweetwater Kiwanis Club then had several volunteers pass "helping cans" during the games to raise money for the children's hospital. A wide variety of volunteers assisted in the effort, including various clubs and students within Sweetwater ISD, local churches, youth groups and youth sports teams. During the Kiwanis meeting, Moore announced the totals for the three days of football games. At Thursday night's game--featuring the Roscoe Plowboys and DeLeon Bearcats, $1,083 was raised; Friday night's game showcasing the Sweetwater Mustangs and Eastland Mavericks brought in $1,630.03; and Saturday's primetime battle between the El Paso Del Valles Conquistadors and Fort Worth Everman’s Bulldogs saw $451.45. The funds totaled to $3,164.48 raised for the Hendrick Children's Hospital. All funds raised will be given to the Hendrick Children's Hospital to help pay for the new children's play room utilized by the young patients at the children's hospital.As part of Hendrick Medical Center’s Project 2010, the hospital complex grew to better serve patients the region, which included expansions to the Children’s Hospital--making it the only children’s hospital between Fort Worth and Lubbock capable of meeting the unique needs of treatment for children. Moore stated that he was very proud of the success of the fundraiser, which allowed for the six communities in attendance for the presentations to see the heart of a Kiwanis member and the mission of the entire Kiwanis program.Moore added that he was very thankful for the work of the Kiwanis members at the Sammy Baugh Classic, and also declared his gratitude to all of the volunteers within the community who made the project a success.Also discussed at the Kiwanis meeting was their upcoming project, the pancake supper. The members discussed various aspects of the event, which is the club's most popular fundraiser. Preparations have started and continue in regards to set-up, promotions and outreach for the Friday night, October 12 event prior to the football game against the Sweetwater Mustangs and the Snyder Tigers.