Lake Trammell bait shop to be torn down

City Commissioners met Tuesday morning for their regular session. The minutes from the June 10 meeting were approved. Commissioners then approved the investment report for the quarter ending June 30. It was agreed to use the Tommy Morris Agency to represent the City of Sweetwater for health insurance plans for its employees. The agency has been helping the city for the past several years. "We appreciate the appointment and will do the best we can representing the City of Sweetwater and its employees," said Tommy Morris. The City Commission then authorized the staff to receive competitive sealed proposals on self insured group health, dental and life insurance employee benefits.Approval was given for $22,237.34 to be used for the Hunter well field project piping and pumping. Authorization was then given to tear down the bait house at Lake Trammell due to the continued deterioration from vandalism. The restrooms were torn down for similar reasons. The City Commission is considering initiating the annexation proceedings to annex all property within the boundaries of Avenger Field and Texas State Technical College. Annexation of the entire area could take up to three years, with the majority of the area outside the City of Sweetwater water area. Water and sewer development would be extremely complicated.Commissioners also opened discussion to determine the boundaries of an additional annexation extending west to Blackland Road (CR 105), bounded on the south side by a line east to west that is 500 feet south of CR 256 and bounded on the north by an east to west line 500 feet north of CR 274. Ultimate annexation might not include that entire territory, but immediate control is being considered of development throughout that corridor for industrial, commercial and sexually oriented business development. The dates for the public hearings on the proposed annexation authorized by the City Commission are August 12 and 14.The City Commission adopted and accepted an ordinance amending Chapter 15 entitled "Housing" of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Sweetwater. Article III was added, entitled "Sex Offender Housing." The City is working to incorporate the ordinance to follow the State of Texas law regarding sex offenders and housing. No actions were taken regarding provisions of 551.071 of the Texas Government Code to consult with the City Attorney regarding pending or threatened litigation and 551.072 to deliberate regarding the purchase and/or lease of real property.City Manager Eddie Brown then gave his report. The 2014-2015 Budget Proposal meeting will be held August 12. Several meetings will be scheduled in August to comply with Truth-in-Taxation Laws. Brown went on to advice the Commissioners to consider the nomination of two SEED (Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development) board members at a future meeting for a three year term beginning October 1, 2014 as the terms for David Welch and Bill Johnson will expire. Brown also noted that there will be a West Texas Legislative Summit from August 5-7 in San Angelo.Sweetwater resident Ricky Painter then gave a short speech about the clean up Lake Sweetwater beach project. Painter and several community members have started the project to beautify and make it a place people want to visit. "My dad taught me how to fish at Lake Sweetwater," Painter said. "Lots of people I've talked to said their dad or grandpa taught them how to fish out there as well. It's something worth fixing up." Long term goals for the project include new playground equipment, a boat ramp with handicap access and new restrooms. The first step that needs to be taken, though, is plowing up the beach area. "We don't have to replace the sand," said Painter. "The sand is there already. We just need to plow up the beach to get at it." Painter is currently raising money for the project through sponsorships. To find out more information, check out their Facebook page at