Library Tag Day set for April 2

Woman's Forum in Sweetwater is getting ready for Library Tag Day, which will be held on Wednesday, April 2. All donations will be used by the local library for the many programs that are being used today and programs that are planned in the coming year.The Woman's Forum was formed in 1950 by Mrs. Ione Dulaney Perry to create interest and support for a movement to build a public library for Nolan County. Various Nolan County clubs were asked to be Forum club members and individual memberships were also accepted, which is true of membership today. Finally in July of 1965, after many fundraisers and individual donations, a lot was purchased and a City-County Library was built. The lot where the library stands today was the business of Bill Rice Hatchery, which was torn down. When the library dream came true, the Forum broadened its objectives to promote and aid in civic and intellectual endeavors and improvements. The "pet project" of the Forum was always and still is the Library and Library Tag Day, which is a Ways and Means project to continue support to the library. This year's co-chairs are Karan Bergstrom and Lita McEachern. Forum members will be stationed at local banks, several stores, and will also have members walking and going into businesses for donations. Any amount is accepted and each donor will be given a "Library Tag" to show you have donated to your community. Letters are also being mailed for donations to many businesses, which should be mailed back by April 2 for Library Tag Day.