Local bank pays it first

First Financial Bank in Sweetwater has been paying it forward by showing kindness and encouraging others to do the same and pass on the kindness to others. FFB has their own motto, "Pay It First." On Friday, Sept. 21, 2012, First Financial Bank employees were on hand at Papagayo's in Sweetwater to "Pay It First" for customers ordering burritos from the establishment. First Financial Bank paid for customers' orders and handed each customer a Pay It First card. The card gives a website, payitfirst.com in which those that have received a random act of kindness can share their story on how they received the card and also share what they will do to return the random act of kindness to someone else."The Pay It First Team believes in the importance of showing kindness and service to others through random acts of kindness," stated the website. "When kindness is shown to one individual, a spark can be lit that spreads positive actions to others. As individuals are touched by this effort, it has a positive effect on our community and spreads to other communities around the world."The Pay It First Team is made of employees that work at First Financial Bank and want to make a positive difference in their community. The team meets each month to dream of unexpected ways to serve others in the community.Individuals can also join the Pay It First Team. Throughout the year, opportunities will arise in the community that stretch beyond the team's capabilities. When additional help is needed, the team will e-mail those signed up to see if they are available to help."This is a great way to be involved in a fun and unique way of helping others in our community," said organizers. "Sign up today and become an official member of the Pay It First Team."There are also stories to read on the website about customers who have received a random act of kindness and some state how they plan to help others. Stories come from all over Texas, as well as from California.