Local couple hopes to spark interest in the arts with Mustang 247

With an effort to revitalize the local art community and give local artists a place to display and work on projects, Mick and Carol Truitt of Sweetwater have remodeled the building that once housed local screen printing businesses at 109 Locust, behind the Texas Theatre. This new business is called Mustang 247.Once the building became available, Mick said they thought it would be a great place for artists to go. “We wanted to see interest in the arts come back and create a fun space for the community,” he said. So they purchased the building and began making repairs and painting in December. Now the building is remodeled and three individuals are making use of the space in a way the Truitts had hoped for.Donna Parker is renting a space for her business, Designs by Donna. She personalizes a variety of items, including t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, iPhone covers, ceramic tiles, and numerous other items with dye sublimation. With the dye sublimation transfer process, you can print high quality digital images on a variety of items made of materials that are treated, coated, or made of polyester.Parker explained that T-shirts done with sublimation have absolutely no "hand" or feel to the imaged area, as the fibers of the fabric are actually being dyed, not having plastic melted on top. She said the graphic will never crack, peel or fade. Although there are some limitations due to the type of materials used and the colors available, the possibilities are endless and “just about anything you can see on a computer screen can be sublimated onto the items,” she said. That includes personal photos.Parker can produce individual items or create them in a large quantity. Contact her at 325-320-3685 or designs_by_donna@hotmail.com for more information.In addition, local artists Joe Rivera and Mitch Moore are utilizing the space for their artwork. Rivera said he did not have a place to go to work on his art whenever he was inspired with the option to leave it and come back to it whenever he needed. Rivera, also a musician, enjoys using the building with other local musicians to get together and play their music.Mick said he hopes to see his building used for art and music classes as well, along with other types of classes. In addition, there is a storefront where art lovers can come by appointment to view and possibly purchase artwork by Rivera or Moore, as well as order items from Parker.Anyone interested in renting space at Mustang 247 or holding a class in the building may contact the Truitts at 325-518-5579.The Truitts plan to brighten up town with art on the building as well. When the weather cools, Mick said they are looking for people to help them paint a mural on the side of the building. Contact Truitt at the number above if interested in being part of that project.