Local donations taken to Bastrop

Sweetwater Chief of Police Jim Kelley, who is also a Salvation Army representative for Sweetwater traveled to Bastrop last week with other Sweetwater natives to take donations given by Sweetwater to those who lost their homes and belonging in the recent wildfires. The donations, which included many items such as clothing and toiletries as well as $1,200 donated to the Salvation Army by local residents, were taken to the Celebration Church shelter in Bastrop. According to Kelley, the donations given were much appreciated by volunteers at the shelter. "They wanted to tell everyone who donated thank you. They are feeding, counseling, sorting clothes and meeting the basic needs of those whose homes were destroyed by wildfires," said Kelley. Shown from left to right are Tanner Kelley, John Flores (Celebration Church shelter manager), Jim Kelley, Alex Todd, Matt Graff and Larry, a shelter volunteer.