Local family attends, volunteers at Abbott for Governor event

Kimberly McKinney, President of The Republican Women of West Texas, and family, attended the Abbott for Governor event in Midland on Wednesday. Michallah McKinney, who will be attending Hardin Simmons University in the fall, is currently an intern for Attorney General Greg Abbott. Michallah McKinney also served as a page for Representative Susan King in the House of Representatives. Her younger sister, Ashleigh McKinney worked as a volunteer at the Abbott for Governor event. She greeted people at the door and handed out Abbott for Governor stickers. Ashleigh McKinney will be a fourth grader in Roscoe this fall.Mr. Abbott spoke about keeping Texas energy strong and taxes low. Texas oil and gas production is very high. Mr. Abbott spoke of keeping the EPA hold out of business down to allow business to grow and thrive. He spoke about Obamacare and how it is hurting businesses and employees. Mr. Abbott spoke about supporting teachers and children. Mr. Abbott spoke about teachers in a burdening system that wants them to teach to test instead of teaching to learn.The Attorney General also spoke about support and fighting for veterans who have had a backlog of getting benefits and treatment that they deserve. "This is not acceptable for our Texans."Mr. Abbott also defended gun rights.Abbott congratulated Texans that stood in Austin to protect the unborn. He also spoke about the case from the groups that attempted to take the Ten Commandments out of Texas courthouses. He took this case all the way to the Supreme Court and won.Attorney General Abbott states "I didn’t invent the phrase 'Don't Mess With Texas,' but I have applied it more than anybody else. When it comes to the people of Texas, I will never stop fighting."