Local pastor to travel to Mexico

Dale Stowe, pastor of the Word of God church in Sweetwater, is about to embark on a mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico. Pastor Stowe shares about his trip for many reasons. He wants to bring attention to answering God's call and so that he also might be lifted up in prayer for the duration of the trip.The journey began through Larry Goff, a forty-year missionary who has traveled the world and specializes in ministering in South America. In this particular mission effort, Goff has been near the Texas, Mexico and Arizona borders to reach people who are in need of help.As the leader of the church, Stowe felt led by God to answer the call to go and help out Goff in the field, as Scripture tells to help those in need or in trouble. His initial plans are to see the field, see where God's call leads, and prepare for potential trips in the future.Stowe also shared that through his trip, the Word of God Church would be the first church to be involved in the efforts in Mexico.The people of Reynosa — some who proclaim God while others do not — gather in huts for prayer. No churches are open right now, due in part that the cartels expect payments from the citizens as they continually push the government. Most of the stores are closed in the area and the land is in dire need. However, the base camp will actually be set up in Donna, Texas. From there, Stowe and Goff will walk across the border by bridge for daily trips, where the journey will continue by taxi to find open stores to purchase the items in Mexico.Though most of stores are closed, Stowe said that he and Goff would purchase essential foods like rice and beans to distribute. Sweet bread will also be given to the people as it is available, and Spanish bibles will be given.But even though Pastor Stowe is offering physical assistance, his main goal is to give spiritual help. He hopes to simply share the power and love of God, to bring a spiritual light to the people of Reynosa and remind them that there is hope. His desire is to be able to fellowship with the people as a whole, as well as interact with them on an individual basis. Stowe also hopes that he and Goff's interaction with the people will allow the cartels view them as non-resistant. "I know the danger, but through prayer I know that God's call and grace is on this trip," said Stowe.Stowe will head out by car on April 1, where he will spend about three or four days on the mission trip. Once he returns, his potential plan is to present his trip to the congregation and share the plans that God has led for them to do.Eventual goals for the entire church after the mission trip is to possibly support the field by giving financially. But while everyone can't give, Stowe also hopes that as the call of God leads, adults from the church might even go to Reynosa. Should anyone feel led to give financially to Pastor Stowe's mission trip, they may mail it to P.O. Box 1061 in Sweetwater or come by the church at 311 Ash. For more information on the trip, contact the church at 236-9031 or visit goffministry.org