Local student raises money for children’s hospital

On his eighth birthday, Joshua Hale did not wish to play with his friends or have a pool party — he had one wish and that was to have a lemonade stand to raise $100 for Hendrick Children's Hospital in Abilene.On Friday, Josh and his parents, Kyle and Recia Hale — along with family and friends, put together an elaborate lemonade stand on East Broadway, in front of the Gallery Warehouse Furniture parking lot."He looked at me the other day and said, 'Momma, what if I can get $100 to give them?'” said Recia. "He was so excited about his goal. As his parents, Kyle and I were excited about his excitement about raising the money, compassion and just overall sweetness." Recia asked her family and friends to open their hearts and show up to the lemonade stand. "Blow my son’s mind! Show him what he is able to accomplish when he is following through on an idea that God placed in his heart. Show Joshua what he can do when he is surrounded by a community that is generous, loving and caring," she said. And blow his mind they did. Joshua raised $1,283.84 at the lemonade stand. The stand was open from 9 a.m. until about 6:30 p.m. with donations pouring in from area residents.When Josh found out that he had surpassed his initial goal of raising $100 and was told the amount he did raise for the children's hospital he giggled and said, "No way.""It was a very sweet moment," said Recia. "He couldn't believe it.""I just know that when Josh presents his gift to the children’s hospital, it will not only be surprising to him what he is able to give, but we would love for the hospital to be surprised at the love gift they are receiving from an 8-year-old boy with a big heart."