Memorial rodeo honors two teens lost in well accident

It was a weekend of celebrating at the Nolan County Coliseum."Everybody knew them and loved them," said Karen Reeves, Nick Walker's mom.Nick Walker and Jeremy Claxton died in a well accident in April. Though months later, the community has come together to help out as much as they can."It means a lot just having everyone come and remember him and know that they're all still loving him and missing him," Karen explained.And the memorial for the two boys was simply fitting."They were very involved in the rodeo community. They just, they were cowboys," said one of the event organizers Deni Rea.For the family, it was just another way that the community helped them get through a difficult time."They all pull together and it's like one big family atmosphere. And it weren't for the family and the community, it would've been a lot harder than what it has been," said James Claxton, Jeremy's dad. "It's been hard, yes. But it would've been a lot, lot harder."Though the events this week are a fitting tribute to Jeremy and Nick, family and friends agree that it's bittersweet to know that if it were anybody else, the two boys would be here helping as much as they can."They'd be right down in there helping, whatever they could do," said James."They would be doing everything they could to help to volunteer, you know, to bring it all together," Karen said. And bracelets with the their names and a bible verse help reminds friends and family just how generous the boys were."Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends," James explained.