Missy Grey

Why do some people think it is OK to just dump puppies or full grown dogs on ranch land or along a road?Missy Grey was fortunate enough to have a good home, but so many are not and left to die or become road-kill.The Story of Missy GreyOn a cold day in November 1996 we returned from what would be our last tour overseas, to find 2 puppies shivering in the front of the garage door. What perfect timing! Since we were dog lovers, gave them food, shelter, and of course names. One pup was coal black with sparkling eyes, the other was a grey. White with black markings, a lovely dog we named Missy Grey. We gave the black dog to a good family, but kept Missy Grey for one year.Missy Grey had extraordinary eyes. When we gazed into to her gentle eyes, we saw this kind soul, and we could see reflections of ourselves and the way she saw us. She loved us and we loved her beyond what words can say. She would nuzzle us to get her ears scratched or head massaged, then roll over for belly rubs. There is no way to describe her intelligence. Our neighbor shot several rattle snakes on the hill behind our house, and Missy Grey ran back and forth until my husband followed her only to discover a pile of snakes. The mystery was solved by Mr. Teel.It was time for us to leave a house we were in 20 years, and all the fond memories of cows, a nasty bull, many stray dogs, cats too many to count, foxes, skunks, raccoons, possum and turkeys. We decided to move into a retirement house at Mesa Springs, and Doris and Dewey Teel were kind enough to take the cats and Missy Grey.A more loving home no pet could have wished for. The cats had a small house, and the dogs had a small bungalow with a decorative fence. The dogs had separate beds, blankets, and lots of toys. In the cold weather the dogs were in the house, tucked into another bed, where they were spoiled rotten.As the years passed, Missy Grey now about 12 years old, was showing signs that she was ill. Dr. Peek did surgery, but the cancer had adhered to the liver and other organs. Our sweet lovable Missy Grey had to be put to sleep. She now graces the clouds with love and kindness. Her parting has left an enormous void in the hearts of Doris and Dewey Teel, who loved her for all the years of her life.Missy Grey, you dream wonderful things and always know you're loved.All my gratitude to Dr. Peek and my dear friends Doris and Dewey Teel for their love and caring to animals, who speak to us in different ways.Written by Charlotte Cooper