Mum’s the (new) word

According to The Barack's spokesman, at least as I last saw him on TV, The Barack is not going to comment on his secret service agents and military personnel in Columbia who seem to have had a bit of difficulty with some Columbian women. I've got to confess, I'm a little surprised by the whole thing. After all, aren't the secret service agents the most highly trained bodyguards in the United States, possibly in the world? Not only that, but since "secret" is even part of their name, did they not learn to keep one when they were going through their training? It seems that one of the agents had an argument with a lady of easy virtue, and as near as I can tell, that information is now available to pretty much the whole world. As far as keeping a secret goes, I would have to call this one a failure. I must say though, this latest peccadillo, on top of letting uninvited guests wander in and out of "secure" invitation-only state dinners makes me wonder about the quality of our Presidential guard. Maybe the much vaunted secret service has indeed fallen into the trap of becoming one more bureaucratic job producing/maintaining branch of the federal government. Since the secret service is, at the root of it, just one more federal bureaucracy, it was inevitable. I was just hoping that dedicated employees would forestall its decline for a while longer. Silly me, clearly I should have known better. However, as disappointing as it is to see the American secret service degenerate (in several senses of the word) into something much less than it was, as a federal agency in our present form of government I guess it was inevitable. The surprising thing about this episode isn't what the agents and military personnel did in Columbia, but instead that Obama is refusing to comment on it.First, I would think that at the very least even if The Obama doesn't want to comment concerning an ongoing case (more about that in a minute), he should at least be going off about the individuals in the press who are referring to these "working girls" as prostitutes. Why, he should have the secret service looking for their phone numbe..., scratch that. He should be getting their phone numbers from the secret service agents so he can call these women and console them (I'm sure Clinton would have been all over this) concerning how the media is portraying them as "prostitutes".Now, I personally wouldn't think to call these ladies and commiserate with them, but since a mere six weeks ago, The Barack made just such a phone call to Sandra Fluke apparently this is a sensitive subject with him. In fact, I bet if the Columbian ladies in question were to be interviewed, one or more of them would state that she is just working her way through school. Why, it might even be law school. Maybe when The Barack gets around to calling these ladies, he can put them and Sandra Fluke in contact with each other. Since he clearly has Ms. Fluke's number, and the secret service obviously has the contact info. for the Columbian ladies, I have to ask, "What's the holdup?"Something else which surprises me about the statement through a spokesman that he isn't going to comment is, why not? What reason could he possibly have right now to not comment on an ongoing case? Before you say, "of course he's not going to comment on an ongoing case, all the facts aren't in", don't forget his past behavior. Not commenting on things right away is not how The Barack has handled things in the past. Or, for that matter, recently.Lest we forget, shortly after he took office, he inserted himself in the situation which occurred when a white Cambridge police officer arrested a black Harvard professor. As it turned out, the police officer had done nothing wrong and frankly had just been professionally executing his duty. Now, there is no way that the President of the United States of America couldn't have had the complete and full information about the incident immediately at his fingertips if he wanted, or was interested in it. What I mean by that is: by the time The Obama inserted himself into this situation, and consequently blew it totally out of proportion, he was either intentionally uniformed, or was well informed but framed it as a racial incident (which it was not) on purpose. Whatever conclusions you personally may have drawn from this instance, he certainly did not "decline to comment on an event that is still under investigation".Say, since Sgt. Crowley of the Cambridge police seems to be able to concentrate on doing his job, and also doesn't seem to be very cowed by The Barack, maybe it would be a good idea for Obama to offer him a position (I recommend in training) with the secret service. It sure looks like there's going to be some open positions there, so this could be a win-win situation. The Barack could tell Sgt. Crowley that it's his way of apologizing for making Sgt. Crowley drink a beer with Joe Biden (who was apparently hanging around the White House and thus wound up at the "beer summit").For those of you who would say something along the lines of "but the beer summit was early in his presidency and he has learned since then", I have four words for you. Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman (and he still lets Joe Biden in the White House). This is another case where The Barack has inserted himself, and as it happens, the apparatus of the federal government, while the case is still “under investigation".Since The Barack has a clear pattern of involving himself only in cases where he can stir up racial tensions or further liberal causes, I have to wonder at his real reason for withholding comments about the Columbian women and his secret service agents. Is it because there is too much of a chance of the backlash falling on him, or is there some other reason which we may never know?Whatever the reason for The Barack's unusual lack of comment, and in a case where it would for once be appropriate for him to comment, his own actions both at the beginning of his term and very recently show that it is not because the matter is "under investigation".Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at