NCBR awards four scholarships

The Nolan County Board of Realtors was very excited at the number of applicants who applied for their $500 college scholarship. This scholarship was made available to all of the graduating high school seniors in Nolan County, planning to further their education. The NCBR Scholarship Committee was also very impressed with the number of applicants that were qualified to receive this award. It was a very difficult job for the selection committee.The recipients were chosen from all of the applications by anonymously reviewing the written information provided, to keep the selection as fair as possible.This year the scholarship funds have allowed The Nolan County Board of Realtors to award four $500 scholarships to the following graduating Nolan County high school seniors of 2011.This year, the NCBR scholarships were awarded to:• Kaitlen Harrison from Sweetwater High School;• Callie Sandusky from Highland High School; • Kevin Sepeda from Sweetwater High School;• Seth Smith from Roscoe High School."Congratulations to all of the graduating high school seniors of 2010 in Nolan County," said NCBR scholarship chairman Dan Huck. "You have all done an outstanding job and have finally come to the end of your public school education. However it is just the beginning of a whole new era of your life. Good luck to you as you continue your journey through life."The NCBR encourages the students to come back home to Nolan County after graduation, visit a local Real Estate Office and "let an agent of the Nolan County Board of Realtors help you to find your dream home."