New businesses welcomed to Sweetwater

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Wednesday morning for Rolling Plains RV Park and Mr. C's Asphalt and Maintenance, located at 9909 South I-20 (west of the TA Travel Center) between exits 240 and 242. Pictured center are Jennifer Speed and Rose Carroll, owner of Rolling Plains RV Park and Sweetwater RV Park. Rose is from the Fort Worth and Mission, Texas areas. She is involved in a total of nine RV parks with her family. "We wanted to fix the park up to help fill the housing need when the oil boom really hits," said Rose about Rolling Plains RV Park. "It's very good, and it's going to get better." An additional 45 spaces were added to the property, along with a remodeled pool and rec center. WiFi is also available. Jennifer is the property manager at Rolling Plains RV Park and Sweetwater RV Park. She lives in Sweetwater with her husband, Brandon. The couple have two children, daughter Jessalyn Porter, 19 — married to Jared Porter — and son Cameron Wilson, 11. Jennifer grew up in Sweetwater and graduated from Sweetwater High School in 1993. Her father is Donnie Clark.Rose and her husband, Edward — who owns Mr. C's Asphalt and Maintenance — moved to Sweetwater seven years ago. Edward has 60 years experience and uses state of the art equipment in his business. He also gives free estimates.