Nolan County missing person found alive

A 40-year-old Blackwell man was found alive after surviving nearly six days without food or water following his disappearance from his family’s ranch home located nearly six miles north-northwest of Blackwell, Texas. Doyle Lee Parsons was last seen around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 14.Parsons was found lying face down at the edge of a dry creek bed at about 12:35 p.m., Friday, May 20, by a volunteer searcher on a four-wheeler. Jim Monroe, of Blackwell, first spotted Mr. Parsons and immediately notified Nolan County Sheriff’s Office personnel in the immediate area that were also searching on ATVs. Sheriff David Warren said that Parsons was found alive, but seriously dehydrated and he was initially non-responsive.NCSO personnel directed paramedics to the scene. Two Blackwell EMS paramedics were the first to arrive at the remote location. Sweetwater Fire Department sent an ambulance and medical personnel got Parsons stabilized and carried out of the creek bed to the SFD ambulance. From there the ambulance transported Parsons to Texas Highway 70 and Shannon Air-Med flew in a helicopter and landed on Highway 70. Parsons was then flown to Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo, Texas for treatment. According to Sheriff Warren, “He seemed to be responding a little as paramedics got him in the ambulance and started oxygen and IV’s on him.”The nearly weeklong search involved numerous assets from a multitude of agencies and volunteer groups. Sheriff David Warren said that he has no doubt that Parsons was found due to the combined cooperation and effort of all involved in the extensive search. “The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) out of Colorado City sent dog teams and guards on horseback. The 32nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office dedicated two investigators. Texas Department of Public Safety provided air support. The Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office provided ATVs for use in the search. The local Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden came off of his honeymoon to help in the search. A specialized dog team from Post, led by George Cavitt, got searchers on the right path Thursday evening and they were able to locate a clothing item and the search continued along that route Friday morning,” said Warren. “RP Flight Systems provided high resolution photographs utilizing a small drone aircraft. Several volunteers from Blackwell helped with the search, including many from the Blackwell Volunteer Fire Department and Blackwell EMS. "I simply can’t find the appropriate words to accurately express my appreciation to all of the many participants that have helped us this week,” said Sheriff Warren. “I certainly want to compliment my NCSO staff, many of which have worked 12-16 hour days, keeping the search organized and moving forward. My success as Sheriff is undoubtedly attributed to my great employees,” Warren said.“Hopefully Mr. Parsons will recover and I know his family must be relieved to know he has been found,” he added.