Outstanding male citizen named at Chamber Banquet

Cyrus Dale McCreight was named the 2012 Outstanding Male Citizen at the 48th Annual Chamber Banquet on Monday, Sept. 24, 2012. Last year's Outstanding Male Citizen, Vershell Smith, made the presentation for the 2012 Outstanding Male Citizen, Cyrus Dale McCreight."President Foster, members of the Chamber and guests, I have a gentleman to announce," said Smith. "This person is a rather private individual, but full of life. He is smart, sociable, religious and some say, very complex."McCreight was born in Colorado City and moved to Sweetwater at the age of four. He attended Sweetwater schools and graduated at age 17.He was an only child, and McCreight's mom taught kindergarten and first grade. Watching his mom work mad an impression on him; he grew up with a strong desire to promote education and care for all children in the community.After high school, McCreight enrolled at North Texas University and got a degree in business administration. Then after college, he served a stint in the Army, stationed in El Paso.When his Army duty was completed, he moved to Austin for a while before returning home to Sweetwater to join his mom and dad in a retail business, known as McCreight Music. The store was a central point for all musicians, music lovers and members of bands.The music store was something that came naturally to McCreight, because he had already demonstrated a talent for all kinds of music, playing and listening to classical and jazz. His ear for music helped him become an expert piano tuner. McCreight took great satisfaction in selling a fine piano to some family, then keeping it in good working order. He is also an accomplished pianist and composer, and when asked, McCreight says that his proudest accomplishment is the music he has written for piano.He has often demonstrated his talent (usually only under pressure) by playing for any number of special occasions and at the gatherings of friends. McCreight has also played piano at TSTC's nurses pinning ceremonies for several years. In his earlier years, he led singing at one of the local Churches of Christ.Another aspect of his life that has given him great pleasure is the fact that McCreight held his commercial rating for his pilot's license. His time in the air was some of the most enjoyable times of his life. He recently took a refresher check flight and was happy that he still had all of his piloting skills.McCreight continues to read, study and participate in study groups on the internet. He is an avid reader of news and keeps himself up to date on politics, current events and the stock market. He also likes cars and motorcycles.McCreight has been a supporter of Sweetwater, especially children of the area, for many years. Several years ago, a request went out for bicycles for the Goodfellows. A large demand for bikes that year, he went to a local store and purchased 200 bicycles--enough to grant every request.Something that has been easy for everyone to see was the building of the Sweetwater Christian School. The project was a natural progression of his mother's efforts in the education of young children. McCreight donated the money for their building, then stopped by every day during construction to check the progress of the work. He was always honored to be greeted by all the children as "Mr. Dale", and he became part of many of their chapel sessions and special events.McCreight has also been very active with the Noah Project and Backpack Buddies.McCreight has been one of the leading donors to the local TSTC scholarship fund. He has worked with now-Chancellor Mike Reeser to set up "The Dale Scholarships" for general education and "The Cyrus Awards" for nursing students. These scholarships have been awarded to hundreds of students.Smith described McCreight as "intelligent, friendly, clever, Christian", and someone who quickly recognizes a need when it arises."The Chamber is proud to honor Mr. Cyrus Dale McCreight as Man of the Year for Nolan County for 2012."