Pets available for adoption

Sweetwater Animal Control currently has three dogs available for adoption. One of the adoptable pets is a white female labrador mix puppy. Another of the adoptable pets is a brown male terrier mix (shown). Another of the adoptable pets is a brown male chihuahua.According to Sweetwater's new animal control officer, Don Kite, animals that are picked up are kept for a minimum of three days, but he tries to keep them from a week to 10 days. "I like to give these animals a chance and would rather have someone adopt them than to have to put them down."Sweetwater's animal shelter is currently at capacity, so the sooner pets are adopted the better their chances of survival. "Not all the animals picked up are adoptable as some are potentially dangerous, but the public is welcome to view the adoptable pets," said Kite.Dogs and cats are available for adoption for a $15 fee and the cost of getting the pet vaccinated for rabies. "Those are the only two requirements for adopting a pet from the Sweetwater Animal Shelter." The pets are required to have their vaccination before they leave to their new homes.The pets shown will be available for adoption until this Friday, Nov. 4, 2011. For those interested in adopting a pet, call the Sweetwater Animal Shelter at 236-6139. "If there is no answer, just leave a message and we will get back to you the same day or the next day," said Kite.The Sweetwater Reporter will begin printing photos of adoptable pets each week if they are available at the Sweetwater Animal Shelter.