Positive reports at RPMH meeting

The Nolan County Hospital District Board of Directors met for their final regular meeting of 2011 on Tuesday evening, Dec. 27 at the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital.The board approved several purchases in the meeting, including chairs for the Med/Surg patient rooms and visitor chairs. The chairs currently in place have been around for over 35 years.43 patient chairs and 43 visitor chairs will now be purchased at the prices totaling around $25,000 and $29,000, respectively, which is under the budgeted price.Additionally, approval was also given to purchase 43 overbed tables for Med/Surg patient rooms. The total price for the tables is around $24,000.However, one action item--the adoption of the resolution for the May uniform election date--was tabled until the January meeting in order to gather further information on the issue.Regarding finance, the November 2011 financial statements were approved. A brief report over the month was given, which overall came in under budget. The accounts payable and payroll, along with the bad-debt write off list for November 2011 were approved as well. Furthermore, the Credentialing Files and the Quality Report were approved, along with the minutes from the previous meeting.An item which required no action from the board was the report from the Nursing Staffing Committee. The quarterly meetings allow for the group to review a wide variety of indicators to be attained from previous quarters.Advancements in technology as well as staff education have been of great assistance most recently within the nursing staff. Also, national mandates--which have made their way to the local front--are being implemented.In the Administrator’s Report, Donna Boatright gave a brief update on the newest member of RPMH, Dr. Tim Jones, whose practice is going well.Another positive report came in regards to the local prescription assistance program, in which the hospital participates to help those in need purchase medication. In 2011, almost $340,000 worth of prescriptions were provided.A brief facility update was given in that progress is being made and the construction is still ongoing. In addition, it was noted that the PULSE newsletter would be “going green” by being available through the hospital’s website and via e-mail.