Progress continues on county project

At the Nolan County commissioners' meeting on Monday morning, further action was taken which will allow for continued progress to take place on one of the county projects.Approval was given on the acceptance of the design development documents for a new jail and sheriff's office--which was dated on January 16, 2013, along with a construction budget of $9,895,123. The approval also authorizes Wiginton, Hooker and Jeffry Architects, the designers of the project, to proceed with the construction document phase.As stated by county attorney Lisa Peterson, the approval would now allow for Turner Construction, the company who will build the new county facilities, the opportunity to go out for bids in order to get a maximum price so that further discussions can begin on the project.Also during the meeting, the commissioners approved a request from District Clerk Patti Neill for the purchase of a laptop computer for a jury management system.Neill informed the commissioners that, following the request of District Judge Glen Harrison, the purchase of a laptop computer would assist the office by updating their technology while also saving time. The current software has a system that has not been utilized due to the fact that a laptop would be needed in the court room.The software would help with the process of shuffling the names of the jury panel, when necessary. The purchase costs around $955, which will be covered through the records management fund.