Purchases approved by hospital board

Various purchases were approved by the Nolan County Hospital District board of directors at their meeting on Monday night, which was held at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital.The purchase of 10 hospital beds and mattresses was approved, which came to the overall total of $128,000. Also, approval was given to purchase an infant warmer at the cost of around $9,700.In addition, the purchase of a GE Logic E9 ultrasound unit was approved, which costs around $150,000. The unit will replace the current, older model, which will now be used as a back-up.The board also approved the purchase of a Respironics V60 non-invasive ventilator, priced at around $12,000 which came in under budget. Furthermore, the purchase of the Third-Eye surveillance system was approved at the cost of almost $23,000. The proposed purchase is for 20 HD cameras, which will be used with the four cameras already on campus.Approval was also given to the nurse staffing committee report, which was presented by Chief Nursing Officer Rosa Best. The current plan in place was deemed effective in the report.Last year, a 36% turnover rate was reported; currently, four nursing positions are available. It was also noted that for LVNs working toward becoming RNs, scholarships are available and applicants must go through a screening process.Regarding hospital finances, the November and December 2013 financial statements were briefly reviewed and approved. At the previous finance committee meeting, the statements were reviewed in detail.The November and December 2013 accounts payable and payroll were reviewed and approved, along with the bad debt write-off list for the past two months. Approval was also given to the quarterly reserve fund and physical therapy analysis reports, as well as the investment strategy statements for the 2014 reserve fund and the physical therapy funds.The minutes from the previous meeting were approved, while further approval was given to the credentialing files, the quality report--in which approval was given to the medical staff rules and regulations revisions, and the hospital's home health annual agency evaluation. The four latter items were discussed at the previous joint conference committee meeting.