Racial profiling report released by NCSO

The 2013 Racial Profiling Report from the Nolan County Sheriff's Office (NCSO) was received during the Nolan County Commissioners' meeting last Monday morning, with Sheriff David Warren presented the information to the commissioners.No complaints of racial profiling were lodged against any NCSO member during the 2013 calendar year. Over the past year, 346 people were stopped by NCSO deputies, which was broken down into six different ethnic categories. Making up the majority of the total was the White population with 224 stops, or 64.7%. From this amount, there were five searches--three of which were consensual, six contacts resulting in custody arrests, and the issuance of 140 traffic tickets.Hispanics were the second-largest group with 86 stops, of 24.9%. This total amount included no searches, seven contacts which resulted in an arrest, and 53 tickets issued.The next demographic noted was the African-American population, which cited 26 stops (7.5%). The two searches that were conducted from this total were both consensual, with two contacts resulting in custody arrest and 19 tickets issued.Six Asians were stopped, which equals 1.7%. No stops or contacts resulting in a custody arrest occurred, although four tickets were issued.For the Middle Eastern population, four stops were made (1.2%), with three tickets issued and no searches and arrests. While the Native American population was included in the report, no stops were made.The report also offered a breakdown of five of the ethnicities by percentage for the county as well as the state; no percentages were noted for Middle Easterners. For Nolan County, the White population makes up over half at 58.8%. Hispanics follow at 34.8%, with a steep drop in African-Americans (5.2%), Native Americans (1%) and Asians (0.6%).The state population percentages was made up by nearly half of Whites (44.5%), and almost one-third of Hispanics (38.2%). African-Americans made up 12.3%, followed by Asians at 4.2% and Native Americans at 1%.