Racial profiling report submitted by Sheriff Warren

March 1, 2013

The state-mandated 2012 Racial Profiling Report for the Nolan County Sheriff's Office (NCSO) was presented during Monday's county commissioners meeting

At Monday's county commissioners' meeting, Nolan County Sheriff David Warren presented the state-mandated 2012 Racial Profiling Report for the Nolan County Sheriff's Office (NCSO), which was formally received by the commissioners.
For the 2012 calendar year, a total of 277 people were stopped by Nolan County Sheriff's Office deputies.
From the total, six contacts led to a search, in which five of those contacts consented to the search. Ten contacts resulted in an arrest, and 189 total tickets were issued.
Making up a large portion of that number is the White population, with 198 stops or 71.5%. The white population for the county stands at 59.2%, while the state's white population is 44.8%.
Out of the 198 white people stopped, 4 searches were conducted, with three of them being consensual. Three of the contacts led to custody arrests, while 131 traffic tickets were issued among whites.
Hispanics were the second-largest group, standing at 65 stops or 23.5%. The Hispanic population for the county and state is 34.4% and 38.1%, respectively.
From the 65 Hispanic stops, one search was consented and conducted. Five contacts resulted in a custody arrest, while 48 tickets were issued to Hispanics stopped by the NCSO.
Following Hispanics were African-Americans, making up 13 stops or 4.7%. the county's African-American population is 5.4%, while the state's population for this ethnic group is 12.2%.
The one search conducted on the 13 stopped African-Americans was consensual, whereas two contacts led to a custody arrest. Nine tickets were issued to the African-Americans who were stopped.
No Asians were stopped, in which the county and state population for this race stands at .6% and 4%, respectively. No Native Americans were stopped as well, although the county and state populations for this race are at 1%.
However, one Middle Easterner--or .4%--was stopped by NCSO deputies. As a result, one ticket was issued.
Overall, the report stated that "no complaints of racial profiling [were] lodged against any member of the Nolan County Sheriff's office during calendar year 2012."

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