Ratings discussed at RPMH Board of Directors meeting

March 2, 2012

The Nolan County Hospital District Board of Directors met for their regularly monthly meeting on Monday night, Feb. 27, 2012 at the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital.

The Nolan County Hospital District Board of Directors met for their regularly monthly meeting on Monday night, Feb. 27, 2012 at the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital.
The meeting opened with the annual 2011 Human Resource (HR) report that was given by Gay Nell Cherry, the hospital's HR director. Reports were given on patient care providers, non-patient care providers and turnover statistics from the past year.
While all three reports are broken down by department and compared to the 2010 year, the first two reports are graded on a four-point scale. A score of four or higher is noted as an 'excellent' rating, followed by 'commendable', 'acceptable', 'marginal' and 'unacceptable'.
The most change in the first two reports was seen in the 'commendable' category. In patient care providers, the 'commendable' score stood at 55% for 2011, an 11% increase from the prior year. A three percent decrease was seen in the same category for non-patient care providers, which came in at 53%.
For the turnover statistics report for 2011, the hospital saw a 2% increase in a one-year period. Cherry and the board commended the employees as well as volunteers of the hospital for their loyalty, while expressing a desire to see more volunteers--both men and women--on the campus.
It was also noted that some slight changes are being made in the performance evaluating process for department heads in order to simplify the scoring and make it more accurate. Evaluations take place on a yearly basis.
Regarding action items, the board approved the Big County Healthcare agreement, which was formed due in part to some changes with the current Medicare regulations. This partnership will allow for the hospital to make a smooth transition throughout the changes while still receiving necessary funds.
In addition, a plan for patient services was approved--a document that notes the wide scope of services offered. The plan has been in place for years and is updated on an annual basis as needed. No changes, however, were noted within this year's plan.
Another item which was approved was the resolution authorizing the adoption of a plan with Valic Retirement Services Company. Furthermore, the board approved the purchase of three cardiac telemetry units.
The hospital currently has four units, but needs to have six to meet admission regulations. However, since the cost of three units still comes in less than the budgeted amount for two, the additional cardiac telemetry unit was included.
Also approved were the January 2012 financial statements--which were briefly reviewed. In other finance-related items, the accounts payable and payroll along with the bad debt write-off list from January 2012 were both approved as well.
Other approvals from the board were given to the credentialing files and the quality report. The minutes from the previous meeting, the special-called meeting from Jan. 30, and the Building and Grounds committee meeting from Feb. 13 were also approved.
In her Administrator's Report, Donna Boatright stated that a letter from the Department of Justice was received, which approved the slight changes made from this year's redistricting process.
An update on the hospital's water consumption was given, with a considerable change noted within the past year following the renovations made by the hospital. Since 2009, a decrease in water usage has been recorded.
However, with the recent changes that were made, the number was almost cut in half in 2011 as the number dropped from 4,728,000 gallons in 2010 to 2,806,000 gallons. 2012 is already showing positive numbers with the water total in January noted at 158,000 gallons--a decrease from the 338,000 gallons that were consumed a year ago.
Regarding other renovations, ongoing negotiations are taking place as changes are being made with proposed plans for the Medical Office building. State inspectors were slated to come to the hospital to evaluate the work from Phase 2 of the Med/Surg unit on Tuesday, Feb. 28, with the hopes of moving back into the area soon.
In addition, RPMH benefitted from the remodel at First Financial Bank by receiving a donation of some of their older furniture. An update on the recent Walkathon was also given, in that the event proved to be a success with around $2,086 donated to the American Heart Association.


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