Regional track schedules

Times and events forlocal athletes onlyREGION I-3A(SWEETWATERBOYS, GIRLS)Texas Tech University’sFuller Track, LubbockFRIDAY, APRIL 25Field Events11 a.m. — Girls discus (Ziggy Collins); Boys triple jump (De’andre Gatson)Running Prelims2:30 p.m. — Boys 400 relay (Johnathan Browning, De’andre Gatson, Marquees Jenkins, Jay Lomas)3:30 p.m. — Boys 100 dash (Johnathan Browning)3:50 p.m. — Boys 800 relay (Johnathan Browning, De’andre Gatson, Michael Green, Marquees Jenkins)SATURDAY, APRIL 26Field Events11 a.m. — Girls shot put (Cierra Knox)11 a.m. — Boys long jump (Johnathan Browning)Running Finals2:30 p.m. — Boys 400 relay; 3:30 p.m. — Boys 100 dash; 3:50 p.m. — Boys 800 relayREGION II-A, DIVISION II(ROSCOE, HIGHLAND AND BLACKWELLBOYS, GIRLS)Angelo State University’s LeGrand Sports Complex,San AngeloFRIDAY, APRIL 25Field Events1 p.m. — Girls pole vault (Magali Casas, Roscoe)3 p.m. — Boys long jump (Mason Magness, Blackwell)3:30 p.m. — Boys pole vault (Jayden Jones, Blackwell; Michael Hyde, Highland)Running Prelims4:30 p.m. — Girls 400 relay (Roscoe — Lyndi Wilkinson, Whitney Williams, Sunshine Talamantez, Eva Aguayo); Boys 400 relay (Roscoe — Dillon Freeman, Kevin Lavalais, Max Nemir, Shelton Toliver)4:50 p.m. — Girls 800 run (Danielle Dean, Roscoe)5:10 p.m. — Girls 100 hurdles (Beth Richburg, Highland; Hannah Allen, Highland); Boys 110 hurdles (Matthew Lowry, Blackwell)5:35 p.m. — Boys 100 dash (Jayden Jones, Blackwell) 5:55 p.m. — Girls 800 relay (Roscoe — Lyndi Wilkinson, Whitney Williams, Sunshine Talamantez, Eva Aguayo; Highland — Madison Moseley, Sydny Helbert, Kailee Hall, Sabrina Romero)6:20 p.m. — Girls 400 dash (Sierra Allen, Highland); Boys 400 dash (Kevin Lavalais, Roscoe)6:35 p.m. — Girls 300 hurdles (Beth Richburg, Highland; Hannah Allen, Highland; Abbigail Sorrells, Blackwell); Boys 300 hurdles (Max Nemir, Roscoe)6:55 p.m. — Boys 200 dash (Jayden Jones, Blackwell) 7:15 p.m. — Girls 1600 relay (Highland — Hannah Allen, Madison Moseley, Beth Richburg, Sierra Allen; Roscoe — Whitney Williams, Lyndi Wilkinson, Sunshine Talamantez, Eva Aguayo); Boys 1600 relay (Roscoe — Max Nemir, Kevin Lavalais, Braiden Moore, Shelton Toliver)Running Finals 7:35 p.m. — Boys 3200 run (Jesus Leanos, Roscoe) SATURDAY, APRIL 26Field Events11 a.m. — Girls high jump (Hannah Allen, Highland)1 p.m. — Boys triple jump (Mason Magness, Blackwell); Boys shot put (Toby Falcon, Highland); Boys high jump (Matthew Lowry, Blackwell)Running Finals2:30 p.m. — Girls 400 relay; Boys 400 relay2:40 p.m. — Girls 800 run2:55 p.m. — Girls 100 hurdles; Boys 110 hurdles3:15 p.m. — Boys 100 dash3:25 p.m. — Girls 800 relay3:40 p.m. — Girls 400 dash; Boys 400 dash3:55 p.m. — Girls 300 hurdles; Boys 300 hurdles4:05 p.m. — Boys 200 dash4:15 p.m. — Girls 1600 run (Alejandra Solis, Roscoe); Boys 1600 run (Jesus Leanos, Roscoe)4:35 p.m. — Girls 1600 relay; Boys 1600 relay