Reporter announces personnel changes

Glenn Stifflemire, Group Publisher for both the Sweetwater Reporter and the Big Spring Herald is pleased to announce that effective this Thursday, Zela Armstrong will take on the role of General Manager/Advertising Director at the Reporter and will handle all of the day to day management of the local newspaper.Before her return to the Reporter in December 2012 as an advertising executive, Armstrong served on the sales team nine years ago.She will take on the leadership position in Sweetwater that will be vacated by Stifflemire, who will stay on with the company, moving to Northern California to take over a group of newspapers there that have recently been purchased.“It has been a very interesting, rewarding, and very fast-paced year here in West Texas,” stated Stifflemire. “The group of employees we have here in Sweetwater are some of the most dedicated that I’ve had during my career, with one of the most impressive of those being Zela. We had a lot of work to do to improve the local newspaper and we’ve done just that, with the re-hiring of Zela being one of the highlights of those changes. I’m extremely proud of the work she’s done and she definitely deserves this opportunity.”“One of the most important things I wanted to do here was to give a local person the opportunity to handle the day to day operation, instead of bringing in another person from outside the area to manage the newspaper. Zela stepped up during my time here and has earned the chance to ‘call the shots’ at the Reporter. I know that Sweetwater and the surrounding area will be extremely happy that a local person is being given the opportunity in taking over the reins at the newspaper. I wish her, the newspaper, and the area nothing but success in the coming months and years, and expect that will happen with all that is going on with the recent oil activity.”Armstrong has been a longtime resident of Sweetwater. She and her husband of 28 years, Gary, have a daughter, Staci, who lives in Abilene.Since her return to the local newspaper, Armstrong's professional experience and welcoming personality have been an asset to the Reporter, not only among her peers, but within the community. As she continues to meet with current and future clients, Armstrong now gets to oversee the daily operations of the local newspaper."We want to wish Glenn well as he takes his new opportunity," said Armstrong. "I am very thankful for this opportunity to grow in my career, as well as improve the Sweetwater Reporter. I look forward to hearing from our readers and subscribers."Armstrong wants everyone to know that her door is always open. She can be contacted at the Reporter at 236-6677, but will also be available beyond the office."I will continue to be out and about selling advertising, as well as attending community events," she explained.Armstrong and her husband are very active in various activities within Sweetwater, Roscoe and the surrounding area. She added that he is "excited and very supportive" of her as she begins this "new adventure"."As a resident of Sweetwater, you can count of me to be here long term. I look forward to visiting with everyone soon," she concluded.